A Peaceful Classroom leads to having a Peaceful Community Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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In the world, it is known that there are different cultures which are present. In different places, it cannot be concealed that cultures are currently mixing due to different issues such as migration and etc. The United States is one of the major examples of a country in which different cultures are very diverse and mixed. It is not a secret that the United States is a country which offers different opportunities for various individuals whom are in need of a better opportunity.

Providing different opportunities for various nationalities is something positive for the people who are in need of a better life for their families however, such instances create problems relating to the combination of culture that individuals have. With the diversity of cultures, it cannot be forgotten that there are negative effects of such situation. Having different cultures could result to problematic matter such as misunderstanding, discrimination, and classicism.

In a multicultural course, it is best that a person must first know what type pf belief he or she may have. From my own personal values, it is important that the cultural values of every person must be maintained with a mixture of the current culture. Although having a very diverse culture is confusing it is best that being able to identify the classification of values is needed. Most of the time, people who have mixed culture cannot recognize their actions which resulting to lost of identity or being apathetic.

In schools for example, it is important that there are programs for people who have a different ethnicity such as Hispanics, Asians and etc. If the students are not given enough guidance regarding this matter, they could be enclave with the current culture that they have. If there will be a lost of identity there will be no multiculturalism instead there will be a conversion of belief which is a contradicting the concept of being multicultural. The second value that must be highlighted in the course must be the concept of understanding.

Although it is known to be a general belief, it is important that every individual must learn to understand each other in times when there are different individual who have various culture. Many people do not understand that a simple understanding of concerns leads to a greater actions which leads to peace. In my own perspective learning to understand and listen to the concerns of other people will lead to a better relationship with other people.

For an instance, there is a person who is willing and able to understand the concerns another person has therefore, he or she will be proficient to understand the situation and culture of the other individual. Like the quote have said, Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding (Emerson, n. p. ). Another value that must prevail in a multicultural course is a creating equality among the students.

Given that the students are a variety of ethnicity therefore, it would be best if a session which pertains to opening concerns about certain types of ethnicity which then will be answered by an individual who is has the ethnicity being addressed. With such technique the whole course would not only be focusing on books and written articles but also a first hand information regarding matters which concerns different students and their culture. Through this, students will be able to respect and value different cultures as well as their own personal culture.

If the students have absorbed all the lessons which they had taken up their a great possibility that they could also With such values and strategies which will be utilized, the multi-cultural course will not be a regular class which will only focus on the issues regarding multiculturalism but also create an impact with the students. Creating a personal attachment to the course will not only create very intelligent students but also citizens who have concerns with the people around them as well as the different culture of various people.

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