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Published: 2020-02-07 02:20:49
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The second conclusion would simply be that Stanley cannot stand the though of Stella leaving him as it would demean his manhood. Stanleys masculinity means a lot to him, as does his pride, if Stella were to walk out on him he would lose face amongst his piers. Therefore, he goes outside and makes a dramatic scene knowing that without a shadow of a doubt Stellas desire for him sexually will make her unable to resist coming back. This would be an example of Stanley using sex as a weapon. In conclusion I feel that Stella truly does love Stanley even if she perhaps doesnt like him very much at certain times.

After Stanley rapes her sister she must make the decision of who to believe and she chooses her husband over her own sister this could be interpreted as an act of love or an act of pure fear. Deep down I think Stanley cares for Stella but his background, love for sex and animal instincts would prevent him from feeling pure love for her. How could he love Stella and then have sex with her sister? Stellas relationship is on a downwards spiral and she will ever escape, she is condemned to it for the rest of her life.

The only way out would be if Stanley should decide to set her free. The play ends with Blanche being taken into a mental institution so we do not find out what happens to Stella and Stanley, this is why Steve and Eunice are brought into the play. They show us how Stella and Stanley will be living in twenty years time. The two relationships are parallel; they both involve violence and confrontation followed by sexual reconciliation. I am now going to examine the relationship between Blanche and Stanley.

Blanche is representative of the dark and Stanley is representative of the light, with such conflicting personalities it is obvious from the instant they meet that we will not see a friendship form between the two. At first Stanley simply tolerates Blanche as her superior attitude irritates him but this eventually turns into blind hatred and the will to cause harm to Blanche. Their relationship is very tense and uncomfortable; usually when we see them in a scene together there is a moment of confrontation or an act of violence.

It is fair to comment that Stanley and Blanche never once have a normal conversation. This all leads back to the ideas about relationships between men and women in general, Stanley hates the fact that Blanche is a women who is better than him, perhaps they are equally immoral but Blanche is clearly more educated and used to nicer things. She has been given all the advantages in life that were never available to Stanley and he resents her for this, more so for the fact that she throws it in his face at every opportunity by referring to him as an ape and a Polack.

Stanley cannot stand the thought of a woman who is not going to be subservient to him and at first Blanche seems to have the will power to do this but sadly Stanley breaks her by tormenting and eventually raping her. In conclusion, the relationships portrayed in A Street Car Names Desire all focus on the ideals of male superiority and the inferiority of women. All the women are portrayed as emotionally or physically weak unable to function without the men by their side. Unfortunately in the case of Blanche and Stella it is not their weaknesses destroying their lives its the men who play roles in them.

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