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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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It is in our spirit, our over-the-top red, white and blue, often thunderous, high achieving, and never-say-die attitude. It is in our history. The unthinkable happened when the powerful British Empire was beaten and forced out of this land by a group of revolutionaries, who fought shoeless and frozen in the cold until the end. We were desperate. We desperately wanted and needed our own country. Beyond all odds, we got our new start and formed a country from almost nothing.

Today, Americans hold the same attitude and perseverance. We are a melting pot of backgrounds, traditions, and stories that have come together to constantly help and push one another to new discoveries and boundaries. From the airplane and automobile to the most advanced technologies and medical discoveries, we, as Americans, are always working together on ways to improve lives. We have eradicated any boundaries that limit race, gender, religion or culture. We have gone through plenty of hardships, to secure equal rights for everyone, so that they can grow into their greatest potential, and it is an accomplishment everyone sees as well worth the effort.

We are still the land of the American Dream. From the beginning, we have been the nation that the world has seen as a place where no dream is too big or impossible. Our country gives opportunities to the underdogs; from Milton Hershey to Gabby Douglas, to Steve Jobs. We pride ourselves on giving everyone the chance and opportunity to achieve the life they dream of. Our country, and the reason for our existence, as the United States of America, has come from our ability to rise up and excel during unlikely circumstances and prosper during tumultuous times.

I am proud to be a part of this great country we call America. From the beginning, we were destined to be underdogs and through our perseverance and persistence, we have created a land where the American Dream lives on. It is in our history. It is present in our everyday lives. But, most importantly, being an American is in who we are.

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