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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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Opponents of Turkish accession claim that the cultural variation existing between Turkey and EU members is a major obstacle to accession. In reality, such statement contradicts the ideals of the European Union which is to integrate contemporary values(Kalin 12). Lying in the Mediterranean region, Turkey can provide opportunities for the reconciliation of Islam and European nations and may carry on this role for many years to come.

Being a mix of Moslem and European culture, the potential of establishing a connection between Islam and Christianity is huge once Turkey is admitted into the European Union(Kalin 13). Geographical Location Considerations If Turkey is granted full membership status, the EU will become close to Middle East countries like Syria, Iraq, and Iran. The notion that instability will set in in Europe when it becomes neighbors with the Middle East is baseless.

Since Turkey is a member of NATO and the Council of Europe, the EU then has been a neighbor of these Arab countries even before the accession issue(Kalin 13). The acceptance of Turkey by the European Union will pave the way for the political proximity of the EU with the Middle East region. In fact, the security threat which accession opponents have pointed out would decrease rather than escalate(Kalin 14). The Role of the United States in EU-Turkey Relationships Since 1945, Turkey has been a major ally of the United States.

For Washington, this alliance is very important in containing Russia as well as shifting its power towards the Middle East. Turkey is located in the southeastern region of the Mediterranean Sea towards the Balkan countries, Black Sea and Caucasian regions. Its proximity to Iran, Syria, and Iraq is strategically important to the United States(Bordonaro, no pagination). Pushing for accession of Turkey to the European Union can be favorable to the United States because of several reasons. First, it would strengthen ESDP-NATO functionality.

Turkey is a member of the NATO, so Turkeys accession to the EU wold auger well for the United States(Bordonaro, no pagination). Another reason why the US is supporting Turkeys acceptance to the EU is the positive effects that will result from the establishment of bigger oil and gas pipeline network. The US can tap the energy sources found in the Caspian and Black Sea and move it to the West compared to other alternative energy source such as the ambitious Russo-German project(Bordonaro, no pagination).

Finally, with Turkey being admitted to the EU, the United States can expand its influence from Southern Europe to Central Asia, probably because of the strong Turkish relations with Central Asian states(Bordonaro, no pagination). Conclusion After raising the issues surrounding EU-Turkey relationships, a decision needs to be finalized whether Turkey would receive full membership into the EU or not. In reality, even if Turkeys accession efforts bear fruit, it will take a while before full membership can actually be implemented(Emerson & Tocci 3).

For Turkey, it will only realize its goal of joining the European Union if it will initiate the political and economic conditions set forth by the 1993 Copenhagen Council as well as fulfill 31 chapters of discussions with the European Commission. For the European Union, it would have to finalize and execute the recommendations made by the Convention and more importantly welcome 12 new countries into its fold(Emerson & Tocci 3). Nevertheless, the general consensus in all of these is to ensure a favorable and beneficial relationship between Turkey and the European Union.

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