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Acceptance speech:
An Acceptance speech provides an expression of gratitude for some form of award which has been given on the basis of merit or excellence.

How to Write An Acceptance Speech?
An acceptance speech is delivered when a person receives an award or some kind of recognition. Within the acceptance speech, you may include some background and history behind your accomplishments. You may choose to thank or acknowledge individuals who have helped you along the way. You may also want to show appreciation to the organization that is recognizing your good works. By the way, you will most likely be delivering your acceptance speech on stage or in front of a camera, so be sure to either memorize your speech or write it legibly on a nice piece of paper. How to Deliver an Acceptance Speech

Incorporate a bit of your personality. If you want to be funny, be funny. If you are sentimental and reflective, show that side of yourself. Part of a warm, genuine acceptance includes showing others who you are, and why you are deserving. 2

Have an idea of what you would like to say before making your speech. If you are nominated for an award but wont know who the winner is in advance, at least jot down a few notes so you wont be at a loss for words if you are fortunate enough to be chosen. 3

Mention who nominated you for the award or honor.
Express your gratitude toward the organization or person giving the award. Describe how you came to be involved whether through professional work, volunteering or other methods.

5  Tell a story. To many people, all speeches sound the same unless there is a memorable story to recall. Think of a moment or incident that stands out to you and share it with the audience.

6  Be excited. Enthusiasm shows that receiving the honor is meaningful.

7  Keep it short in respect to others time.

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