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Published: 2020-02-18 22:11:00
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In studying the On Strategy system an effective tool is revealed that can help leaders from the CEO all the way down to the frontline supervisors become effective in leading the organization into the flow of the strategy that has been put into place. That tool is the Action Equation. This paper examines how the Action Equation is utilized by the effective leaders in the organization. During the course of effectively leading an organization or a team, those that are put in this position benefit from having their thinking focused on what the employees need to do to put the strategy to work.

Then it progresses on to the thinking that sees to what the employees need to know and what they feel. This enables them to take the action that is required that causes the strategy to flourish (Matha & Boehm, 2008). This is what the Action Equation can accomplish when put into action. This focusing of the leaders thinking helps the employees understand what is required of them, why it is required and what benefits they will derive from the strategy. The use of a Conversation Platform makes it easier for leaders to remember the information that they need to communicate so that they can be in the moment. It is a delivery system that helps employees to listen and remember what leadership has laid out as a strategy (Matha & Boehm, 2008, Chapter 7).

The communication that is delivered through the Conversation Platform can be very effective at getting the point across. It can reflect on what the frontline employee sees in the strategy and what issues they have with the strategy. This will allow the leadership to attain a different viewpoint that they could not get if the conversations were not conducted with the employees. With the use of the People Channel, leaders can engage employees in conversations that keep them in the moment while delivering direction, perspective and information, all the while pulling feedback from the rank and file (Matha & Boehm, 2008, Chapter 2).

Keeping them in the moment will draw upon their true feeling about the strategy and what they have to say about the part they have to play in the grand scheme of things. In taking this course there is a greater appreciation for the development of an action plan that speaks to the employees so that they can grasp what is needed of them and why it is needed. Seeing the value of focusing the thinking of leadership into a plan that can be presented at every level of the organization allows a student of this course to develop an action equation that can fill in the gaps that cause their organization to sputter and fall short of the goals set by upper management. Conversations are truly the blood of setting up and executing a solid strategy.

This tool can be put to use by a student of this course to get the team within the organization involved with creating processes that fit the needs of the team while allowing for greater production overall. The application of an Action Equation can be beneficial to an organization as it creates a greater level of buy-in while upgrading its ability to carry out strategies thought up by leadership. Every level of the organization can take up the strategy and place it into action for the betterment of the business as a whole.

Matha, B., & Boehm, M. (2008). The Action Equation. In Beyond th Babble (1st ed. (pp. 25-44). Retrieved from GCU Library

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