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ACL/PCL Injuries RICE is also applied for ACL/PCL injuries if the tears are not severe. To help reduce pain, NSAID can be given to the patient. If the damage is severe, arthroscopic surgery may be required. The torn ACL is usually substituted with a graft made of tendon. Nonsurgical treatment is also an option in order to restore the knee. Progressive physical therapy and rehabilitation are the alternatives. The patient may use a hinged knee brace. Injuries to the Meniscus The initial treatment applied to Meniscus injuries is RICE combined with painkillers because minor tears can heal by themselves over time.

Surgery is advised if the symptoms persist. Majority of the surgeries are done arthroscopically. Some patients undergo open surgery if the damages require it. Wrist Sprains RICE is the initial treatment given to persons suffering from wrist sprain. However, if the pain and swelling remain, the person may be advised to use a brace to immobilize the wrist. A cast may also be recommended if the sprain is severe. Rehabilitation exercises are also suggested for flexibility, range of motion and strengthening exercises for the damaged wrist.

To repair a completely torn ligament, or to treat fractured bone, surgery may be necessary. Finger Fractures In order for the fractured finger to be put back into place, a splint or cast will hold the finger while it heals. This will take about three weeks. To check the improvement on the injured finger, X-rays may be required. If the damage is severe, surgery may be needed to have screws, pins or wire put in place to hold the fractures bones together (orthoinfo. aaos. org). Ankle Sprains Initially, RICE treatment is applied to help with pain and swelling. The ankle is given enough time to heal by itself.

While healing, exercises that are advised include range of motion exercises, strengthening exercises, and exercises done to restore balance and agility. Healing time may take 6 weeks or more. Wearing a brace is sometimes necessary especially when walking on uneven ground. It is rare that surgery is needed to reconstruct the damaged ligaments. But if it is required, several ways can be done to achieve this. One is harvesting a portion of the peronus brevis tendon at the lateral aspect of the ankle, and then placing several drill holes around the bones of the ankle.

The harvested tendon is then passed through the drill holes to reconstruct the damaged ligaments (www. arthroscopy. com). Physical therapy is done after surgery to rehabilitate the ankle. Hamstring Pull or Tear Two or three week rest is necessary after an injury to the hamstring. RICE is applied to help reduce pain and swelling combined with anti-inflammatory drugs. As soon as the swelling and pain become less, a stretching program is advisable to re-establish the strength of the injured muscle.

To provide support to the muscles during resting period, a thigh wrap can be used. Technologies in Treating Basketball Injuries One of the common technologies applied to treat basketball injuries is through arthroscopy. Arthroscopy is a procedure to look inside a joint by using an arthroscope. An arthroscope is like a thin telescope with a light source. It is used to light up and magnify the structures inside a joint. An arthroscope is passed through a small cut in the skin and into a joint.

Most arthroscopic procedures are done on the knee joint.(www. patient. co. uk) During an arthroscopy, a doctor can also use fine instruments which are inserted to the incision to cut, trim, biopsy, etc inside the joint. Injury Prevention In order to prevent basketball injuries, it is important to be personally fit. Participation in body stretching exercises is one good practice. Warm up and stretch at least 5 to 10 minutes before the game to avoid sprains. As much as possible wear appropriate shoes and clothing when playing basketball. It is also imperative that the environment is fit for a basketball game.

Look out for predisposing risk factors or foreign objects that may lead to injury. Proper diet is also one big factor especially proper hydration.

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