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Adidas manager is requiring me to create and design a training program which will improve and develop their graduate employee existing skills. This report is going to target to non-graduate or college student and giving them chances to join this training program. This program is going to help trainee do their function in sporting industry

Adidas Aim
They are trying to build the relationship with their employee via passion, diversity. Adidas may find an excellent balance between life and work of the employee and more than that they provide an essential need for their employee such as food, drink, work benefit to encourage them which will increase business productivity

Adidas Human Resource Strategy
Adidas is one of the famous company in sporting items industry. At the moment Adidas are doing staff recruitment for their store which across all over the world and especially in the UK. In a past few year Adidas Human Resources Department decided to do Functional Training Program (FTP) in short- period time which giving opportunity for graduate student to get foundation and great educational qualification before for they start to become a functional professional career inside Adidas group also co-operate with internship and apprenticeships for non-graduate and student who want to work for Adidas company straight after school.

We have developed on National Vocational Qualification that will contribute to the business and individual need. According to Olin and Tucker (1997) state that National Vocational Qualification government and organisation figure out NVQ training program will develop specific profile of ability and basic knowledge of employee at any level which associated vocational area NVQ training program focus on particular business industry or sector, it will help Adidas group to find the right employee for specific role in the sporting industry

NVQ contribution to Adidas
NVQ will also comfort organization or company decrease company cost, increase the competiveness and company productivity. Adidas group found putting resourcing in staff will change in work environment spirit and staff inspiration, much easier to recruitment staff and enhance communication in workplace. It will also make Adidas group look more professional and stand out compare to another business. In another way, NVQ are enabled to help Adidas proof to the world that business hired staff or employee has reach minimum standard quality.

NVQ to individual needs
NVQ programme provides the portfolio for learner or employee which help learner or employee able to learn-practical or work- the related task which helps them to develop their skills and knowledge to do a job more effectively. National Vocational training program intended to develop employee existing skills and that will improve business performance, NVQ is going to evaluate the staff able to carry out their job as indicated a set of rule in an organization, which rely on work performance. Adidas can adapt NVQ training program to improve their standard via examination.

Main body
NVQ training program overall design
164465275336000It has a variety of ways to get NVQ: succeeding a normal training program, blend of casual and informal or starting to have a learning approaches or just based on the past capability. NVQ framework are design to testing learner capacities in the working environment. To achieve a NVQs qualification the employee or learner have to demonstrate that there can do certain task which related to the roles or area that they apply to the company or business. NVQs training program are going to do the evaluation in a blend of courses by portfolios are going to confirm and proof that what you have done in training program and perception, an assessor will check and may give reference to the company that you can do the task that related to the business. Following by Malcom (1996) NVQs framework system made as capability are created, course are movement and exchange are distinguished. Framework task is to provide a reasonable sorting for NVQs and facilities delivery and progression both external and internal of competence

NVQ are design for adult and young people who want to improve their skills to increase their work performance which will lead to build up business productivity. NVQ are set level for the learner from level 1 to level 5, in lowest level are going to aim at company operation and highest level for manager position. NVQ are suitable for people
are working
are in college and having a part- time job
are at school
are fulfilled apprenticeship
NVQs training program delivery strategy
Focus on employee and trainee ought to acclimate themselves with structure, substance and evaluation requirement of certificate previously planning a training program course
NVQs training program is delivery to any trainee or learner in many ways which
Meets the learner and trainee need and capabilities
Pleased acquired qualification
NVQs is going to provide to learner and trainee the other skills that not a part of the qualification but will help them improve the existing skills
Literacy / language / numeracy
Critical thinking and personal learning
Individual and social advancement
Where pertinent, this could include empowering the possibility to get to applicable capabilities covering these abilities.

With these detail in overall design and delivery training of NVQs. This program will bring benefit to the Adidas group. This will include manage time to teaching so not spend much time or little time on teaching. If too much teaching due to costly and the material which delivery to training or learner can be confusing. Spend little time on training will not improve and maximise trainee skills. More over this training program is classify trainee or student what their aim in training and link back to business role they apply for. In addition, NVQs training program is measuring the employee and trainee by knowledge, attitude and skills. Its going to be connect between organisation and employee. Moreover, Jim and Roger (2009) suggested that Training program is providing individual chance to perform their task more effectively and it will help an organisation get the current target Finally, NVQs training program may bring benefit to learner and Adidas group by motivating, group or personal to inspect current implementations and working environment.

NVQs material and exercise support NVQs objective
NVQs are cooperate with many practical organisations to become a leader in development skills. They are doing services to training suppliers, employers and learner over an assortment of sector to satisfy the need in workplaces. NVQs certificate or capabilities are estimated by employers all over the world, helping people to build up their talented and capacities for profession career.

NVQ Training plan
The NVQs is aiming to the employee of Adidas who contributes to the work performed. As, Mayo (2000) training plan may have added by Human Resource Department purpose, weigh into the advantages of an individual group in particular organization. It is including
Personal skills: Knowledge/ skill/experience, ability to do the task and what employee will convey to the work from the other part of their social life

Personal motivation: desire, goal, work inspiration.
Workplace environment: The background of the business, personal respect, free to renovate.
Teamwork efficiency: having a same objective and values, helpfulness, communal respect

Essential material need in NVQs
Assessment and homework to consider becoming the important material in NVQs. It gives speedy and basic methods for checking employee has the right stuff and abilities to work in an exchange. The specialist gets his or her NVQ Level 2 or 3 by a mix of evaluation and works environment preparing, during which time they give confirm they meet the NVQs requirement. Other material, may aid to the learner or trainee to achieve NVQs qualification such as the computer, pen, folder, tablet, video or textbook
Example practical organization
NVQs is co-operated with City NVQs Logistic Delivery

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