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Published: 2020-02-11 23:01:55
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The organizations must put up realistic and attainable objectives . This is something that can be understood by way of saying that goals of the unit must be made accordance with the support in terms of personnel , resources and equipment available to the unit . It is no right to put up goals that could not be supported by current logistics and personnel available within the unit.

This study aimed to determine the administrative effectiveness of the Bureau of Jail Management and penology in the province of Albay in order to recommend measures for improvement to enhance a better system of jail management . Specifically , it sought answers to the following questions :

1. What is the status of Bureau of Jail Management and Penology in the Province of Albay in terms of :

a.) Administration b.) Manpower c.) Physical Facilities d.) Services e.) Inmates

2. What is the level of effectiveness of the Bureau of Jail Management And Penology in the Province Of Albay in terms of :

a.) Administrative Services b.) Security and Custodial Services c.)Rehabilitation Services

3. What are the problems encountered and solutions offered ? 4. What action plan may be proposed to effect a better system of jail management ?

The study utilized the descriptive research method using the 5-point Likert scale to assess the perceptions of the respondents . A total of fourteen (14) officers , one hundred ten (110) non officers rank and thirty- six (36) inmates were considered respondents in this study.


The following are the findings in this study .

1. The status of the Bureau of Jail Management and penology are presented in terms of its administration, manpower ,physical facilities , services and inmates. The services were more of the rehabilitation programs provided in different jails . A total of 124 BJMP personnel comprised the entire Albay BJMP.

2. The perceptions of the three groups of respondents o the level of effectiveness of its administrative services , security and custodial services and rehabilitation services are the following : the personnel and budget assessed to be as very effective with average mean of 3.41 inmates welfare with 3.20 also as very effective , mess and supply with 2.81 also as effective as general services with 3.28 as effective . The security and custodial services with the following average mean 3.88 or very effective and escort team with 3.84 also as very effective. Rehabilitation services in terms of the following components : Religious and guidance counseling with 3.24 or very effective livelihood with 2.69 or effective and health services with 2.80 or effective.

3. Most pressing problems were focused on insufficient office supplies , lighting , water and communication facilities as perceived by the non-officers and inmates while the officers viewed no capital outlay and lack of office equipment bunks ,mats and prisoners van as their most pressing problems . The solutions offered : funds for repair and procurement as perceived by the non-officer and inmates is budget for construction of jail facilities / transportation and funds for traveling expenses while the officers perceived on the jail extension .

4. Proposed action plan is prepared in order to address the pressing problems in jail administration and management .


From the foregoing findings , the following conclusions are drawn .

1. The services as rendered for rehabilitation by the administration were : conducting religious counseling and guidance ; establishing livelihood programs and activities ; and providing health services to the inmates .

2. Health services and livelihood projects were the only vital needs of inmates to make them productive while incarcerated.

3. Insufficient office supplies and materials and physical facilities were noted as the most pressing problems of proper physical facilities will be install , it will probably ensure safety and security of both inmates and the BJMP personnel . 4. Activities proposed in the action plan are implementable and can be easily achieved by the Albay BJMP.


1. The BJMP Central Office should Increase the funds allocated for the different jail Station/ offices. They should make intense representations to the DBM for them to release the immediate needed funds . Investigation of the physical condition and evaluation of the funds requested to ensure the viability of the programs presented.

2. The programs for rehabilitation services are more anchored on the health services to ensure the physical condition of the inmates . Likewise, livelihood projects should be provided to make the inmates more productive while they were incarcerated . Moreover, they should established linkages with other non-governmental agencies to help them in improving their undertakings particularly in the conduct of religious services and other viable programs.

3. Require the administration to adhere to the most and pressing problems of the jail offices and stations . install and give priority to the additional physical facilities such as lighting , water units , mattresses , and other office equipment . The office may not be able to supplement the needed supplies and materials but they could possibly solicit them from other local government agencies .

4. Immediate implementation of the proposed action plan.

Areas for further study :

a. Evaluation of on-going rehabilitation programs and projects for the Albay Provincial Jail . b. inmates plight in Legaspi City Jail. c. Perceptions on Jail Breaks in Legaspi City. d. Construction Of Conjugal Rooms For Inmates . e. Immediate Evaluation and Judgment of various cases.

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