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Published: 2020-02-24 11:51:40
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This week was so stressful. For the entire whole week, I was assigned to track the advertising history of the companys sports drink client. I ran through hundreds of video tapes of the sport drinks advertisement in the span of 5 years, noting each and every aspect in the ideals in their communication style. I was assessing the visual, the content and the semiotics of the whole thing. Whats worse about it is that I have to review the entire set of tapes in the office.

I would have liked it watching at home but I have to be confined in the workplace. But knowing it was a job; I accepted the challenge and readied myself for hours and hours of video tapes. But I learned another valuable idea in the media industry concerning contents of the advertising. In a way, it does imply that advertisements do manipulate the consumer behavior. Watching the advertisements of the sport drink, I observed how it evolved into describing the product itself into touching the health issues of the health-conscious and athletes.

Like what the sport drink company wants to advertise their latest sports drink product that addresses the more health-conscious consumer, I realized that they now are conscious of the fact that people today likes to know more of the content of their product, and that is their aim in their new advertising venture. Other things I was exposed this week: learning semiotics of the print ads of the sports drink company details on how STG Media Corp. analyzes these given semiotics establishing more communication with the sports drink company

developing more personal and professional relationship with the Creative Team (they invited me to one of their deliberations and I get to witness how they brain-storm ideas for the project) Week 4 (provide date) It was a week of adrenaline rush. The Creative Team finalized their output and was presented to the sport drink company. They liked it! With this the whole team was pressed for time. Everybody seemed to be really anticipating the results. I was assigned to track the statistics of how the product is doing in the market after the release of the advertisement.

The company has a great way to promote the product and was successfully able to deliver the results for the company. Other thing I learned is that the media industry has many issues to deal with. Like for example, the Creative Team was perfectionists in the sense that after releasing the output in form of the print ad, they wanted to be sure that the effects of the print ad will be evident and reflected through sales. They were still anxious and worried of the end result when in fact; they already did their job by producing a print ad.

I realized that many of them really are dedicated in providing the client with their moneys worth. Another thing I realized is that companies take advertisements seriously. I thought that business management theories and ideals only entails that they give importance to advertisements, but through this experience I learned that they are really committed in selling the idea to the consumer. And this generates the influence of media to the consumers. Week 5 (provide date) This week was a mix of tasks.

One of the most interesting things exposed to me was the process of reviewing the Creative Team and the advertising project in general. I thought that the evaluation of the employees was done by the executives of the company alone, but at STG Media Corp. , they provide real life processes in dealing with performance issues. The company has an interesting way to evaluate its employees. There is the concept of a performance improvement plan that is drawn between the Human Resource department of the company and from the employees manager, in this case the Creative Team head.

These reports are then presented to the employees. This draw my attention as I realize that the method of evaluating employees in this company is a non-punitive method that demonstrates how the company recognizes the issues in the Team but are willing to work with the employee and give them opportunity to improve. It was interesting to me because of notice that one particular person was not able to contribute that much in the Creative Team and was not able to contribute much ideas in the process (I was present in almost all their meetings so this is an observation that is true).

The evaluation was not very good to him and as a result, the whole Creative Team talked it through the management. The executives of the company then addressed a letter to the employee and showed his performance evaluation. After which, the whole Creative Team approached and talked to him and encouraged him to be open and present his ideas. Turns out, the team member was intimidated with the other professionals he is working with and needs to feel he is welcomed in the team along with his ideas.

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