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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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Park opens on August 5th, as the last stop on the steam railroad. Picnic groves and the lakefront are the main attractions; mechanical rides arrive soon after. 1970 The decade of the Charleston is a great one for the park. Thousands visit the park to enjoy the Virginia reel, the worlds largest salt water swimming pool, thrill acts on the Midway, four roller coasters, including the classic Jack Rabbit and more. 1980 The park begins its second century of fun with several new changes.

A new/old element makes a return to Wild Castle, with the addition of body flumes and the return of water-based activities. The Log Flume is modernized, a soft ice cream stand is built, regularly scheduled live shows return, Kids Kingdom is introduced, and a paid admission gate goes into effect. 1990 After a decade of exciting changes and tough challenges the park into the Nineties with such new additions as the Raging Rivers Waterpark, the Quantum Loop, and the Screaming Eagle.

After a devastating fire, the park creates a new wooden Carousel for the guests to enjoy. 2000 The new millennium begins with Wild Castle continuing to offer guests the latest in family fun attractions like the Wave Pool, the sight and sound re-vamp on the Gyro sphere, the up & down thrills of the spring and a variety of live shows are performed on the front lawn stage. The Wild Castle Passport program, offering an individual guest multiple visits, is introduced and is very well received.

2010 Wild Castle continues to move forward by adding exciting new elements. They also built a hotel with pools inside the park for accommodation and bars for extending the joy even if it is late at night. New attractions during this period include: the Whirlwind spinning coaster, Music Express, Revolution 360°, Helix, Twirling Tea Cups and Hydro Racer waterslide complex. Wild Castle is recognized as the 4th oldest amusement park in Cavite, and is experiencing its best years ever.

Thanks for your support! Logo Tagline The Wetter the Better. Vision Our vision is to be the worlds most famous theme park That will have the most customer centric in the Entertainment and amusement industry. Mission We aim to provide a long lasting fun As well as to strengthen the companionship of the families and friends In a clean and safe environment. Organizational Chart Prospect Uniform Hotel Crew/Staffs Hotel and Restaurant Chefs F&B Service Crew/Staffs.

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