An Anti-Bullying Climate must be Created Essay

Published: 2020-01-11 02:52:29
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The teachers have the authority over the students and then can make rules and regulations on the class which will disregard teasing, bullying, and putdowns before it would happen. But the better way to put these rules and regulations is developing it together with the students. Doing this will make the students be aware and responsible on the rules and regulations they made. The teacher can also conduct an activity during the class such as assigning students in a role-play which is related to the advantages and disadvantages of bullying, teasing and putdowns.

Doing this might enlighten them that bullying, teasing and putdowns are not just a game to be played, but also a situation having a bad side. The teacher can also conduct another way of interaction inside the class which will change the way those students involved in bullying interact, an interaction not involving bullying, teasing, and putdowns. It is also necessary to teach the students on how to act during the situations where bullying, teasing, putdowns takes place.

This may include how the victims can be assisted. Also, working together as a whole, in a certain activity, not tolerating the presence of bullying, teasing, and putdowns might be conducted. The teacher, together with the other school staffs can plan on to interfere during the situations bullying, teasing, and putdowns are taking place. Doing this might lessen the incidence of this kind. Punishments to those violators, and support and protection for the victims might also be implemented.

There is also a need to think of methods on increasing the social and interpersonal skills of the victims; and for the bullies, a need to help them understand on the right way to use their strength, such as being leaders. Social isolation can also be a factor why those victims continued to be the victims. In order to handle this problem, a group activity, or exercises where cooperation are the key factors can be conducted during the class and/ or outside being an extra-curricular activities.

For the times where teachers and school staffs might not be around, such as recess and lunch breaks, a need for increasing the supervision by adults can also be implemented. A Need to Resolve a Conflict inside the Classroom Practicing on how to resolve conflicts, whether it may be personal, conflict with your neighbor, with your classmates, or even with your dog etc. , can be beneficial. Finding a solution to a problem not necessarily needs force or power. Those are just some which bullies finds out after realizing their true strength.

Also, those victims tend to find solutions rather than giving up. Then, the classroom can be said as a shed where everyone inside is has the will to cooperate and work together in their aim of achieving positive results. There are several ways in order to resolve a conflict inside the classroom. The teacher or the school staff is the one responsible as the mediator or the judge on this situation. One is to cool down. Resolving a conflict while one of the parties is angry might have a different, more worse result.

Try cooling down before resolving a conflict, or make an appointment to talk some other time when both of the parties are cool enough to listen. Another way is to let each person having the conflict to talk one at a time, giving both sides the opportunity to speak and to be heard. This is important since the possibility of the two parties having different views may always occur. The need to elaborate the conflict is also essential. It is better to know the details first before interfering with the quarreling persons; what really is the cause of the conflict?

Who started it? What happened next? Is the start of the conflict just a small misunderstanding or having different opinions opposing each other? etc.. The teacher must always remember not to address the conflict to be the fault of one of those involved. Feelings will always go together with the conflict. There may be no conflicts without feelings, but there will always be feelings when there is a conflict. On a situation where there is a conflict, let the two parties/ persons speak their emotions/ feeling they had regarding the conflict.

Hear both of the emotions raised, but do remember not to blame any of them. It is also needed to what the other person says. The teacher or mediator must carefully listen and must also respect each of the persons have to say while being critical on the judgment to be given. Try putting your foot on their shoes, that is to understand what they feel when you are on their situation. This might help you on your judgment. A brainstorming is a good way to resolve the conflict. In general, there are three basic steps regarding brainstorming that every participants must know.

The first one to that there is no limit on the ideas a single participant must come up. It will further open hypothesis that might be correct. The second is all the ideas that were given are okay. There are no right or wrong, the judging will follow anyways. And finally, no one is allowed to take other ideas as a joke. Each idea might lead to a better solution. The teacher must be creative when doing a brainstorming. He must keep his mind open to new ideas that will come up. Making a list of the ideas might be helpful for reviewing and for the sake of the participants to remember all of them.

After looking critically at all the ideas, choose one which you think is the best. Be sure to be ready in negotiations, questions may arise. After choosing the best solution, try and test it and see how it will work. The process might need patience and more efforts. If one solution fails, keep on trying. Be patient. There will always be one that will give the expected result. Conclusion When bullying, teasing, and putdowns happen inside the school areas, then the one responsible are the teachers or the school staffs.

Given the above mentioned possible skills and strategies, the teacher of the staff must be responsible on what is happening inside the classroom and to his students; an anti-bullying climate must be created; and there must be a need to resolve a conflict inside the classroom, these incidents can be lessened. Remember that both the bully and the victim can benefit from each other on the long run if they are willing to resolve the conflict. And for that to happen, those skills and strategies must be put into play.

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