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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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The essay should this student have been expelled? , talked about Doug Hann, a junior varsity football player at Brown University, a good hockey player who scored three goals in a game. He was engaged in organizational behavior management and business economics. Hann started to be racist and prejudiced especially to blacks and Jews after being familiar from his team. He was involved in saying prejudiced words to his fellow black students. But Hanns racism and prejudice is merely words, he did not made any violent proceedings to support his words.

On the night of his twenty first birthdays, Hann being in the spirit of liquor and a bit tipsy, he shouted out loud fucking the niggers. He did not actually point someone out but obviously his talking about black students. Because of too much noise he created that night, one student from the window tried to grasp his attention, attempting to stop him from making offensive noise. When he realized that it was a Jew; he shouted odious words, insults and other disquieting words to him.

The boys began to recruit fellow students to trail Hann, which resulted to confrontation on both parties outside the dormitory. Tension and bundle of awful disgusting insults were thrown that night. Hann attempt to counter violently towards the boys following him but he was stopped by his fellow student before hand. No harmful physical contact happened that night but its just purely words, terrible insult and very degrading words thrown by Hann.

Students like Hann who created a marked from his school of being prejudice and racist should be expelled from his school. Being such will affect the credibility of the school as institution of good and respected students from different races and ethnicity. On the first place Hann is aware that Brown University has mixed and multi-cultured students. He should act and treat all students fair and equal because they are in the same university. He should know how to handle and deal with them righteously.

Even Though he did not seriously committed any physical violations towards the black and Jews, the act of saying offensive insult can also be considered as misdeed. Not all harassments are created through actions only, but it can be a form of an awful word against somebody. Brown university has the right to expel Hann from their institution to avoid chaos and severe racism and prejudice. To avoid the possible rage of the oppressed students to create any form of revenge that may result to commotion and disparity among students.

If the university continued to accept Hann, this may only start the students from different races to create a group of brotherhood among themselves to protect each other against the racist that will possibly cause day to day ramble and riot. It will just ruin the peace and order of the institution because if one tricky student continues to exist, it will gradually convince and recruit his fellow students to be like him. If I am going to give my point of view whether I agree of disagree that this student should be expelled from the brown, I would agree.

During the time, students were about to enroll to every university, they already have all the information about the school that they are going to merge in. Students should know if it is a mixed-culture university or an exclusive and particularistic institution. Brown university as a diverse cultured institution is expected to have students from different culture, ethnicity, race and personalities. Thus, students must know how to deal and interact well with their fellow students disregarding their ethnicity and color.

Students who will perform and attempt to render any offensive insult against his fellow students should be reprimanded. Offender must be given warnings and sanctions to every offense committed. If an awful form of discrimination occurs, abrupt action and penalty should be imposed. However, if repeatedly rendered and become more severe offenses in spite of the warnings given, offender is subject for kick out from the institution. It is better to kick and throw spoiled fruit right away before it begins to spoil others.


Hentoff, Nat. On an Ethical Life, Animal Liberation edition. (1975).

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