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Published: 2019-11-27 16:52:39
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Product:The original Armani Couture product line is the most well respected, developed and successful. Over the next three years this line should release all ties to the other products and become a stand alone business to differentiate itself and reestablish itself as the face of Giorgio Armani retaining its exclusivity and Brand distinction. This is the signature line or Armani and should remain under his management and direction. The other products Emporio, Collezioni, Armani Jean, A/X, Armani Jr. hould all be franchised to retain the Brand image yet capitalize on explosive growth potential. ¢ Promothion:ARMANI:Since the brand was founded . almost all of the actress have had close contact with it in some Large awards banquet,  ,such as in the Academy Awards, Cannes Film Festival, you can see the well-designed Armani suit dress. In 2005, the brands new Privecollection suit series, priced from 200,000 to 700,000 Yuan. Its flagship brand Qiaozhi Ou ¢ Armani has been widely praised by the successful people. ¢ Place:The private holdings of Giorgio Armani span over 35 countries.

They include 16 Armani casa home furnishing stores. 13 Armani Junior stores offering clothing for early to late teens and the twenty something crowd. 11 Collezioni, 120 Emporio, 94 A/X Retail outlets and 60 Giorgio Armani Boutiques for Couture offerings ¢ Price:Positioning in high-grade, aim at wealthy . Armani as high-end luxury brands, the main target consumption group is the high-income class, successful man, a famous film star, senior white-collar workers, etc. ), the main products are mens clothing brand.

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