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For the person specification I again used Ms word to created the document. I used Ms Word when creating my document because it is easier to insert tables. I state a brief summary explaining why it is important for the candidate to meet all the criteria the document is asking for. This makes it aware for the candidate to know before hand. This is why I have explained in detail so that the candidate can provide all the necessary documents and evidence he/she needs to have before applying for the post. The second thing I have is insert a table so that I can list all the information that candidate should have when they apply for the post.

In the table I have mentioned how candidate would be tested on their skills. I think that it is important to test the skills and inform them earlier as candidate can prepare to be tested. I have used bullet points with short points telling what is needed. I believe listing all the necessary informing in bullet points makes it easier to see. If I was going to write the whole specification in long paragraphs then it would have been very boring and time consuming for the candidate to read. I chose to keep the document simple with bold font and clearer by being short and to the point with bold font to help enhance the look of the document.

I believe in my document the main point that I think I stated was important is that applicant should be aged 18 or above. This is because candidate should be handling or selling alcohol when needed so therefore I complied with the Employment equality (age) regulations 2006. So therefore I think it is very important for the company to inform the candidate before hand so that they could know the legal requirements because if they dont then the company could face the possibility of getting sued. From the previous task two I took some of the information which I thought would be useful.

So from that document I made quite a similar person specification according to the position as a check out assistant. First, I insert a table to make the document look more professional and use formal language so that the layout is satisfactory to both the company and the applicant. I also kept the document simple and in detail such as by presenting all the information, to be shown in a table to make the document look more professional and use formal language so that the layout is satisfactory to both the company and the applicant.

I personally think that my document was not that good from rest of my group members documents because there were some of the information points were missing and it was not designed to a very high standard document. This is the main reason it was not chosen. I only included some of the basic information that needs to be in a person specification such as the qualification, skills required and relevant experiences because the information I provided could have been added more to it.

When making comparison to Arrys document he has got all the information in a depth explanation on what the criteria of the check out assistant should have been. Also on the second page he has got a brief summary of what each criteria means and what short of candidate the company is looking for. By this it should be very clear for any applicant who is interested in the job position as it has all the necessary information that needs to be known by the applicant. Chelsea and my person specification had only the basic information and there were not explained in a depth information like Arry.

In the meeting we discussed the good and the bad points of each our documents so that we could come up with a final document. All of us had most of the important bits of information but we figure it out that Arry s document was the best among all of us as he had all the important bits of information and not only to that he had an extra page expending more on why all the criteria so that it make clear sense for the candidate to understand it even better. His document stood out best when comparing from rest of our document as well informative and it looked very professional to a very high standard.

In his documents there were all the necessary information we had in our document but there were more on his document than ours. So therefore we all agreed that we chose Arrays document. We thought that we did not need to add anything to the document and that was the final document for the person specification. However, the layout of the document was created together. For the job advert I produced using Ms Publisher because I believe all the job advertisement are produced there.

As it has got the right format of the layout guides and custom layout to designed the document which in result can look professional in nature. The document I have produced is straight forward in informing the position of a job vacancy. The important information are in bold font and the font size is bigger than the normal size of the text. By doing this it makes my advert stand out and more appealing to a wider range of applicant and making it easier for the applicant to grab the main points and to see the main points.

I have taken some of the information from task two while I had created my advert. These are the things I have considered which are; I included a logo of my company to make it look more professional and eye catching as well as it enables for the candidate to see different ethnic staff ASDA employ. Also, I included a picture of ASDA staff as it helps the applicant to see the dress code and uniform that applicant should be wearing when they are working at the company.

I used clear, simple language so that the font style and the size of the applicants would find it easy to read. I stated the main important information in the beginning with bold text, bigger font size with short cut sentences so that the document is attractive making it easier for the applicant to grab the main points of the advert. The second main point I included a brief summary stating the responsibilities with bullet points . Then at last I stated a brief summary of the job description and company description will be shown.

I tried to kept my document simple to the point because it will help the readers to see the information much quicker. As I think that giving too much unnecessary information about the job position in a job advert will be a waste for the applicant to read and it does not help enhance the overall document rather it makes it look unprofessional. I have created my job advert by using the help of task 2 where I considered some of the useful information applying in some of the useful bits and applied the information to my document where I thought it would be suitable.

Again all of us had some of the basic information that needed to be in a job advert like the details of the job vacancy for instance in a table everyone had included what the job is about and giving details of the location of the job, hours, salary etc. We thought these were the main important parts that needed to be included in the document as without it, it would no have made any sense for the applicant to understand what the purpose of the document and its job vacancy position. Also all of us had included short paragraphs of what kind of candidate the company is looking for.

We believed that stating a brief description would briefly tell them what the job entails and gives an overview. All of our document layout were clear and short making it interesting for the readers to follow and read. In everyone documents they have include the main responsibilities and key task, explaining in brief description of the job role and what kind of candidate they want to recruit. We thought It was important to state this because it will ensure that candidate have the skills to perform the job before they apply for the position.

There was a tie between whose job advert to choose between Ben and Chelsie as both of their advert were equally good. It was quite a hard choice to make as the decision to whom to choose. But comparing twice made us pick Chelsie as her advert was more in an informative way such as she had used simple language, short paragraphs and bullet points. This makes it easier for both the candidate and the reader to read it more clearly and does not take time for them to go through such in detail because it is straight forward to the point on what kind of candidate the company is looking for .

It has got all the necessary information of the job. What made it stand out from the rest of our document is that Chelsie document is simple clear to read and understand and short paragraph. Also the fact that she has state a brief summary of the company history like why it is so popular to have a career in ASDA and the benefits of joining the company makes it attractive and appealing for the candidate to have a career at ASDA because of their huge growing numbers of location ASDA has got.

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