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Published: 2019-12-14 06:12:22
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At first this is necessary to compare the ongoing maternal mortality rate among the South Asian countries and then a comparative study on Bangladesh to find out (in between 2001-2010) the areas where maternal mortality rate is successfully declined and where is still to work.

From this chart we get a picture that Sri Lanka and Maldives are in a better position whereas India and Bangladesh are following this path respectively. Here is another picture below of declining maternal mortality from 322 to 194 by 40% between 2001 and 2010. If we go with this pace it will be very possible to touch the MDG 5.

Source: BMMS 2010

Source: BMMS 2010

In the above chart this is shown that Maternal reasons including Cancer is the prime disease due to what women of our country die every year in the reproductive age.

Source: BMMS 2010

The entire decline in MMR has been due to reductions in direct obstetric deaths. Mortality due to indirect obstetric causes have increased somewhat. Maternal mortality during pregnancy and during delivery has also declined, by 50%. In contrast, the reduction in post partum maternal deaths was only by a third.

Source: BMMS 2010

In BMMS 2010, hemorrhage and eclampsia are the dominant direct obstetric causes of deaths, together responsible for more than half of the MMR. Obstructed or prolonged labor (7%) and abortions (1%) are the other direct obstetric causes of deaths. We note that abortion related deaths declined from 5% of MMR in 2001 to about 1% of MMR in 2010. The 2010 survey also did not identify any case of infection as an underlying maternal cause of death. Indirect obstetric causes of deaths account for about a third (35%) of maternal deaths.

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