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Published: 2020-01-20 07:02:58
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Communication is one of the most important skills that an individual can possess when presenting to a group of people. The audience should always be focal point of the presenter as communication is an important foundation and can often determine the success or failure of a message being received. When communication is done properly it can build respect and trust between groups and help identity the issues at hand. The presenter must have a good understanding of the audiences culture in order to effectively communicate with the group.

In this assignment I have been asked to present quarterly sales information in an in-person meeting to a group of stakeholders that includes managers, salespeople, and customers. I have been asked to answer a number of different questions before I present my information to the audience. The following questions will be answered in this paper.

1.What are audience characteristics you need to consider?2.What communication channels would be appropriate and why?3.What are some considerations that you must keep in mind given the diversity of the audience?4.What would you do to ensure that your message is effective?Before you can prepare a presentation you must consider the characteristics of your audience. I know that my audience consists of managers, salespeople, and customers of this particular organization. Because I have identified my audience I now have a better understanding of the audiences knowledge of the subject.

I also understand their interest in the subject; I understand that the different groups of individuals may only be interested in certain results of the quarterly sales information that is being presented. Managers and salespeople may have different subject knowledge than the customers. I will needs to address the different needs of all parties in attendance. I will have to customize certain parts of my presentation in order to address the specific needs of each group within the audience. I will also need to understand what the audience is expecting to learn from my presentation. I should be able to meet and exceed their expectations and the audience should walk away with their questions answered and explained as well as have a better understanding of the quarterly sales information that was presented to them.

Because this is an in-person meeting certain communication channels are more appropriate than others. Power-point presentations would be an appropriate method of communication between the presenter and the audience. This is an effective method because it not only allows the presenter to discuss the statistics; but will also allow the present to show the audience the statistics in detail and all together as a group. Printed handouts or documents are another method of communication that would be considered appropriate in an in-person meeting.

This method allows the audience to take part in reading the information provided and also gives them something to take with them from the meeting for future reference. Because the majority of the information is being presented orally, the presenter must consider their own body language and speech effectiveness to the audience. Body language and speech are both very important as the audience will be feeding off of the enthusiasm of the presenter. If the presenter gets the attention of their audience it is important to keep it in order to effectively communicate the information.

Because there is diversity in the audience certain considerations must be kept in mind when presenting quarterly sales information. Each group will have different levels of interest in the information being presented. The customers will probably not have the same level of interest in certain aspects of the presentation as the managers and salespeople. Another consideration that the presenter must keep in mind is the information that is being communicated to the group. There is a certain amount of statistical data that the organization might not want all the members of the audience to know about. This information might be better presented in a managers only meeting. Other considerations that a presenter may want to keep in mind given the diversity of the audience is the average age, gender, culture background, education, economic status, and group memberships of the attending audience. These considerations individually may not have a big impact on the methods of communication chosen by the presenter, but together will allow the presenter to understand the diversity of the audience to which the information is being communicated.

To ensure that the presentation is a success and the information is received effectively I would make sure that I have a concrete agenda and use it. I would also make sure that I interact with the audience, for example when presenting the sales data I might ask the audience if anyone has any suggestions to help increase the sales in a particular area. I would ask some open-ended questions to help encourage audience participation. I would also ask the audience to participate in constructive group discussions and would frequently check for group consensus on particular issues and decisions. At the end of the meeting I would survey the group through E-mail, fax, letter to ensure that the information that was presented was received and understood. I would also make myself available to answer any questions that may need clarification on an individual level.


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