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Published: 2020-02-20 19:51:05
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The realization of the implementation of the balanced scorecard in the Chinese car insurance company which is the main goal of the research would be possible through the use of different methods that are extensively focused in this chapter. A research design is used in guiding the researcher on getting solutions to the research questions. The main contribution of a research design includes that of helping the researcher collect, analyze and interpret the collected data.

Thus the purpose of this chapter which includes the research design, location of the study, target group, the technique used in sampling, pilot study is to show how the researcher would collect data and interpret it after analyzing. The research design The implementation of the balanced scorecard will have a survey design. The survey design would try to generate and document information which would be sourced from a sample of the target population about the knowledge of balanced scorecard in the Chinese car insurance industry.

This survey of the study helps in enhancing the reliability of the sourced data through standardization of the used procedures. The information is solicited through the use of a questioner as well as the interviewing the respondents. Location of the study The study will be carried out at the Chinese car insurance industry which commands a great market share in the global arena. The researcher has the task of finding out whether the managers have the relevant knowledge concerning the implementation of a balanced scorecard.

Target population Target population is the population from which the sample is selected. The target population for this study is the managers in the Chinese car insurance company. The study did not have a specific age bracket because managers of the insurance company are sourced from different diversities. The target population for this study is four managers from different units in the company.

Sampling Technique The technique to be used will include the use of four managers to represent the views of all other managers on perceptions regarding the implementation of a balanced scorecard in the company. The purpose of using this technique will be to overcome biases in the sample so as to get the desired results of the research. The study widely used both probability and non-probability sampling methods. For purposive sampling, non-probability sampling method was put into consideration.

The technique will be used for sampling where the primary contact working in the site will be asked to use his social network to generate a list of ten potential contacts of managers form various levels and units in the company. The researcher then selects at random four managers to contact. The sample number obtained will then be interviewed using the questionnaires and the data collected will be analyzed. The table below describes the number of the managers interviewed from the four units.

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