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Published: 2020-01-18 10:22:05
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Employment is perhaps the primary income source of majority of all people in the world. The truth is, most people try to get a decent education with the hopes of being securely employed in the future. One of the main reasons why being employed is important is that a persons job directly speaks of what kind of person he or she is. For emple, if a persons job is a nurse, then it implies that he or she has medical expertise. If a person has the job of a technician, then we would normally expect him or her to be very analytical.

If a person is jobless, other people tend to have the impression that he or she is irresponsible, illiterate or unacceptable. Aside from getting paid and being financially stable, having a decent job gives lots, perhaps countless other benefits. One of the greatest benefits of employment is that it allows people to become fully functional in society. It is observable that jobless people tend to develop inferiority complex, fear of taking risks, and they generally end up with very little self-confidence. In contrast, if you have a job, you are given the privilege to mingle with various types of people everyday.

Instead of being a helpless bum just taking up space, an employed person feels better about himself because he or she is part of the normal bustle of daily life. The sense of belongingness to society gives the employed person a better outlook towards life. It is common sense that when one is employed, it gives him or her a feeling of usefulness to other people, to the company one works for, and to society in general. Another benefit that employed people enjoy is fulfillment. In the employment world, everyone is given the choice of what industry or profession to enter.

Entering a job category that fits your individual tastes, skills, preferences and abilities will help you achieve a sense of fulfillment and thus enjoy your job more. A job can be rewarding if the worker loves what he or she is doing. In that case, the job ceases to become a responsibility or a mere duty, but also a hobby. Ive met many people who treat job like a hobby. To them, their job is not just for the money. For example, many corporate employees dream of getting promoted to higher levels of position in the company that they work for.

Although achieving a promotion would entitle any person to receive greater monetary benefits, there is no doubt that the promotion gives any worker a boost of self confidence and sense of fulfillment. Having a job also gives you the much needed experience and work ethics that will enable you to move to other possible sources of income. Many successful businessmen started out as mere employees during their early days. Although having a job cannot bring great and massive amounts of wealth, people with jobs are taught the value of hard work, obedience, leadership, and ability to work in teams.

These and many other virtues are important to anyone who wants to achieve long lasting success in life. Having a job and employment history is a vital part of life in this world. Although lots of people have chosen the road less taken, such as self-employment and entrepreneurship, it is still a fact that having a nice, paying job can be one of the most stable and most rewarding sources of income. Bibliography: 2007 employment situation. U. S Department Of Labor, Bureau Of Labor Statistics. Retrieved October 7, 2007, from Employment and Unemployment database, from http://www. bls. gov/ces/home. htm

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