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Bilbo Baggins on Fakebook! Create a Fake Facebook Profile Wall using this generator Tw eet 0 Disclaimer: This tool is for educational purposes. It is NOT affiliated with Facebook or any other social networking site. Bilbo Baggins Edit Profile Friends [add] Gandalf Thorin Hello all! My life has been a very calm, peaceful life that has been cozy and comfortable. I come from a noble ancestry and a happy, content family. I live in a hole called Bag End in a snug little village under a hill. I loved my life, even though it was a quiet life.

Not much thrill in my daily experience of eating, cleaning, smoking, and relaxing, but that is how I liked it,in my own little world you could say. This all changed one day when an experience I had started a domino affect on my life with many adventures involved. It all started that one day while sitting on my porch, smoking a pipe, looking into the landscape when a mysterious man with a long beard, great staff, and massive dark blue cloak approached me. I recognized him as Gandalf, the famous wizard of the country .

He asks me if I want to go on an adventure, but I quickly dismiss this question and excuse myself back into my house. I thought this would be the last time I would see him in a long period, but the next day, Gandalf plus 13 other dwarfs burst into my house clearing out my pantry during the process. Apparently I was chosen to be a burglar in this huge adventure to go to a dragons den and steal all the treasure that Smuag, the dragon, was guarding. The treasure originally belonged to Thorins grandfather dwarf, Thror who was the King at that time.

Smuag the dragon killed and scattered all the people of Thrors village and has been at the mountain guarding the treasure ever since the incident. I then am basically forced to go on this mission but it was technically not forced because hey, who doesnt want an occasional adventure instead of the usual daily life? So I go on this adventure and fight off goblin, wolves, find secret rings, fight off extremely large spiders,travel miles and miles, get rescued multiple times, rescue others multiple times, find the treasure with a mad dragon to go with it, and start a war.

You could say I had a pretty interesting experience. In conclusion, when I came home I found out people thought I had died because I had been gone for so long, so in reaction to my presence, people were completely shocked to see me. I lose many of my possessions because they were being auctioned off, but in the end, Im back at my cozy home at Bag End after a crazy, exciting adventure ,that was all worth it in the end. That was my experience. [Add Post]

Thorin Friend Explanation- Thorin is chosen to be a friend of Bilbo because over the journey, they started to trust each other more and have a friendly relationship near the end of the journey. In the beginning when Thorin first meets Bilbo, he doesnt have much faith and belief in him and doesnt really communicate with him at first. Then when the story starts to go on, Thorin gets more respect for Bilbo and becomes more friendly to him. earlier today | comment.

Gandalf Friend Explanation- Gandalf was chosen as a friend of Bilbo Baggins because first, he started the whole adventure by choosing Bilbo to be the burglar in the first place. He then helped Bilbo throughout the story giving him wisdom, teaching him lessons, and making a friendly relationship with him. They helped each other when needed, backed each other up, had conversations, and bonded with each other which are all things friends do. earlier today | comment Smaug the Dragon Non-Friend Explanation-Smaug would not friend Bilbo and

Bilbo wouldnt want to friend Smaug for many reasons. First, Bilbo stole the treasure that Smaug was guarding. Second, when Bilbo and the others reached the dragon and the mountain where the treasure was, Bilbo and Smaug didnt really start off on the right foot with each other, you could say. Last but not least, Smaug wanted to kill Bilbo and i dont think you would want to be friends with someone trying and wanting to kill you. These are some main and obvious reasons why Bilbo wouldnt friend Smaug. earlier today | comment www. classtools.

I than had to free all of them and fight off swarms of giant spiders wanting us to be there next meal. Another adventure I had in my journey was when me and my accomplices were trying to get away from the goblins and wargs at the same time. They were both chasing after us looking for revenge for deeds we had done earlier to them, like kill their leaders. We didnt know anywhere else we could go when we were in a forest so we decided to climb into the trees so nobody could reach us. This didnt necessarily work because once the goblins came, they lit the bottom of the trees on fire so basically, we were in a pickle.

We were about to be ripped to shreds by the wargs and goblins eventually because the fire was slowly reaching up the tree, when suddenly the Lord of the Eagles and many other eagles swooped down and saved us from the terror that awaited us. My last adventure that was also very interesting was escaping the elves and having to save my friends then escape. I had to slip everyone out by secretly going to everyones cell with my magic ring on,which made me invisible. I then said that I will make sure nobody is left behind, and this is what i made true.

We all escaped into barrels that were being released downstream for a party the elves were having later on and even though it was bumpy ride, it got us where we needed to go. I will never forget these experiences I had and have never wished that these events didnt happen since. earlier today | comment Carter Brydon Likes This I like his story and how he went through many challenges and achieved his final goal. This story seems like a fun, entertaining book that will hook the reader with its many exciting events and sequences. earlier today | comment

Paige Brydon Likes This I thought that this experience that Bilbo was a very interesting adventure. I havent read the book but based on the summary and main idea of the book, I am drawn into reading the book because of the fantasy world but with amazing detail as well. After I will have read the book, I feel it would satisfy my want to read it and I will enjoy the book while reading it. earlier today | comment Bilbo Baggins FOR MORE INFORMATION- One cultural aspect of the life of Hobbits is that since we are small, we like to be in small, compact areas that are cozy and comfortable for our size.

We dont like to be out in the open because of our size. We then feel too vulnerable out in the open because we arent the strongest race, you could say. This then leads to my second cultural aspect of being very peaceful and not having much tension with others. Since we are very vulnerable and small, we like to be on the good sides of others because even though we can put up a fight if needed, there arent many guarantees we will be on the winning side of these fights. We like having a simple, farming and calm life.

The last cultural aspect is that we are very unique. We are normally very shy but under the right circumstances we can achieve great things. We look and act different then other species like humans. We are very social and caring for others but like to keep to our own business. We are short ans stout but we are proud of ourselves . earlier today | comment _ www. classtools. net/fb/96/NCMPe2 2/3 10/2/12 Bilbo Baggins on Fakebook! Create a Fake Facebook Profile Wall using this generator www. classtools. net/fb/96/NCMPe2 3/3

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