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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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William B. Gates, also known as Bill Gates was welcomed on October 28th, 1955 by his father William Gates II and his mother Mary Gates. Gates attended a public school and also the private Lakeside School. There, he discovered his interest in software and began programming computers at age 13. Today I would like to inform you about William B. Gates the founder of Microsoft, his life before Microsoft, his career, and his accomplishments. As a child, Bill Gates was very competitive, curious and a deep thinker, that is when his parents decided to enroll him in the private preparation school lakeside, where he soon excelled.

Bill Gates was surrounded by historical events at a young age, like when Apolo eleven took men to the moon, this event inspired him because a huge computer was involved. When Bill Gates was in high school he would spend hours upon hours in the computer room. He graduated in 1973 from Lakeside and was accepted by the prestigious university of Harvard, where he had no definite career plan. He loved to stay up all day and night, he spent more time in the computer lab then he did in the classroom, that was his true craze.

Soon he met Steve Balmer, who lived down the hall from him at Harvard. Balmer is now Microsofts chief executive officer. While at Harvard Gates developed a programing language called BASIC, for the first microcomputer. In his junior year gates left Harvard to devote his energies to Microsoft, a company he begun in 1975 with his childhood friend Paul Alan. His belief was the computer would be a valuable tool on every office desk and in every home. So they began developing software for personal computers. Gates foresight and vision was the success of Microsoft and the software industry.

Under gates leadership Microsofts mission has been to improve software technology and to make it easier, cost effective and more enjoyable for people to use computers. In 1999 gates wrote business @ the speed of thought, the book was published in 25 languages and available in more than 60 countries. Was on the bestseller list of new york times, USA today, the wall street journal and amazon. com. Gates has donated the proceeds of the book to a nonprofit organization that support the use of technology and education and skills development.

William Bill Gates is chairman of Microsoft Corporation the world wide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and buisnesses realizes their full potential. In 2008 Bill Gates transitioned out of a day to day role in the company to spend more time on his global health and education work at the Bill and Malinda Gates foundation. Gates Continues to serve as Microsoft s chairman and advisor on key development projects. In conclusion William B. Gates is considered a role model to many people, in many different ways.

He has many accomplishments that have made him into the successful businessman he is today. Bill gates changed the way the world operates and functions, he made life easier for humans to live in. In 4 seconds he earns $250, in 24 hours he earns 20 million, and in a year he earns 7. 8 billion dollars. All this due to his co-founding the multi-billion dollar company that is Microsoft today. And as bill gates once said be nice to nerds, because youll probably be working for one.

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