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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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This passage if obtained from the second last chapter of the book when the soldiers were finally analyzing the events that had taken place in the battle field. The message obtained in this passage is that of separation and segregation of the soldiers. The troops were mixed in nature, whereby there were the native white Americans, the Mexican soldiers and the black Americans. All of them fought in this battle for the common goal of wining. It is however noticed that favoritism was shown to some group of soldiers because they were given special treatment at the expense of the rest.

This passage reveals the racial segregation in the battle field. The white soldiers were given special treatment compared to other soldiers of African and Mexican origin. This passage is a confirmation of the segregation pegged on race that existed in America during that time. This racial segregation also became evident in the present generation as revealed by the author. In this case, the people I America live in division in many places. This includes work places, rights in the country and other social arenas.

Even though equality is being advocated for in the world of today, some other places are still embracing the spirit of segregation and this should be stopped to enhance peace. Experience a different, less hospitable America than the one enjoyed by their white commanders¦ In this passage, the author reveals that the white commanders were enjoying better terms compared to the rest. This is a comment that came from Jesse who was a one time soldier for the American side. This passage is a real image of events in the battle field.

The same situation also happens in many places in America especially in the local arenas. In this respect, the whites always enjoyed better terms compared to the rest. A direct example of this discrimination is conspicuous in the employment arena where white Americans will always be favored in times of recruitments. Election candidates are also selected with the white/black notion. Unmentionable dark sides which eventually seal off all human beings from one another¦ Jesse, a one time soldier finally finds himself in the courtroom as a defense attorney.

He witnesses injustice done to the non whites as their cases proceed in the courtrooms. Jesse also confirms that this same hardship is witnessed by other non whites in many other social places like schools, hotels and employment places. For example, during job recruitments, whites are always favored for vacant positions at the expense of other races. This plus other incidences are direct examples of racial discrimination. Story which encompasses inner city bleakness, evil, post traumatic shock syndrome¦ Many evils are still done on the blacks and the Mexican Americans.

They are seen as backward and less constructive in the country. The author talks of a post traumatic shock syndrome and with this he refers to the hatred carried from the past days of slave trade and civil wars. It is true that Africans and other non whites were of low standards in the society. Africans actually went to America as slaves. This low look has remained to date. The world has however changed and the racial discrimination has also died with time. Source Alfredo Vea. Gods Go Begging. NY: Dutton Adult, 1999.

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