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Published: 2020-02-23 17:10:58
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Boeing has always been a innovator in aerospace technology. The company must keep striving to enhance every product they create. Boeing has typically been a leader in new models of airplanes and the technology that goes along with them. So many new innovations are constantly evolving; therefore the competition Boeing sustains is quite high. Since their biggest competitor is Aerobus, there is constantly a race to have the best product, with the best technology for the best price of course. Boeing must obtain a efficient organizing function of management in order to evolve with technology.

Boeing spends countless of dollars on technology for their aircraft but they also spend money on advance technology for the company itself. Their information databases are highly technical and advanced. Having advance databases makes it easier for management to keep track of information for the company. For instance, Boeing management can see immediately how well a certain department is doing by checking certain databases. (Boeing, 2012) Also having this information recorded is essential when working with government contracts.

Technology can also be used as an organizing function to enhance the way in which day to day activities are efficiently executed. It can be displayed by means of data systems to follow the actions being appointed to the employee. This makes management controlling and supervising much more easier. Managers would have no need to go from the different departments or warehouses looking how to ensure the efficient of employees work. Boeing management would use the employee database which would enclose the information containing the employee information that may be needed.

This is just another prime example of the organizing function of management relating to technology. Boeing strictly relies on the technology on a daily basis, especially with the increasing globalization of the company. Likewise, the ramification of global markets are accredited to the advancement of technology in such instances that business is more efficient due to the increased sales and having a larger choice of markets. The technologies have been so significant in ensuring Boeing is one of the worlds largest developers of air craft with more contracts being sought overseas.

One example of how technology markets have been so extensive and successful is due to the fact that more companies are able to show consumers why technology is needed. Boeing uses technology to entice its customers as well as seek new customers. By upgrading marketing through technology or putting on a presentation using technology, Boeing is constantly showing why it is essential to use technology in its organizing function of management. In conclusion, for Boeing, it is essential to use technology every day.

Boeing relies on the technology of databases and communication of technology to look into its day to day activities. Boeing also relies on technology to compete with its competitors and keep customers happy. Boeing is a global company that relies on technology on a daily basis, for communicating with customers and ensuring an efficient business is being run. Management relies on advance technology for communicating with employees and its customers as well as making sure the company is efficient and successful.

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