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Published: 2019-10-10 05:30:52
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According to Cooper & Schindler (2011), there are seven main steps to the research process, which are clarifying the research question, the research proposal, research design strategy, data collection and preparation; data analysis and interpretation; research reporting, and management decision. In this essay, each topic will include a brief description and scenario of each step (p. 11).

Clarifying The Research Question

Clarifying the research question is the first step to the research process. In a brief summary, the clarification is simply stating the question on what is needed to research and ensure a decision is reached. For instance, many aircraft land with in-flight-emergencies on military installations or at a civilian airport. In this case, Airfield Management (AM) will need to determine two main things, which are the type of aircraft and the nature of the emergency. It is critical to know the type of aircraft to ensure the pavement can support the aircraft weight and the taxiways have enough width for the wingtip clearance. The nature of emergency is also critical because AM needs to notify the fire department and other support agencies to ensure they respond with the right equipment for the nature of emergency. Next is the research proposal.

Research Proposal

The research proposal is the workers compiling a list of support data to the managers so they can properly make a valid decision. In this scenario, AM determines the aircraft type is an AN124, which is Russian and the second largest aircraft in the world. The nature of emergency is fire in the cockpit. AM will need to research not only the aircrafts weight and dimensions, but also the weight bearing capabilities and wingspan of the AN124.

Research Design Strategy

The research design strategy is knowing where and how to find the answer to the question. Continuing with the AN124 scenario, AM knows to look into the airports instruction and airfield design to determine the taxiway and runway dimensions and weight bearing capabilities. AM will also look online for the AN124 weight and wingspan. It is important to know these attributes because if the aircraft lands and the pavement cannot handle the weight, it can cause serious damage to the aircraft and pavement. The wingspan is also another big attribute because the wingspan can ruin any antennas, vehicles, or equipment that may be in the way. In addition, AM needs to determine a parking space for the aircraft once it lands. There needs to be enough space for the aircraft, fire trucks, and other equipment needed to ensure the fire gets put out and passengers are safe.

Data Collection and Preparation

The data collection and preparation is just how it sounds. In this case, the AN124 has a wingspan of 240-feet wide and the weight of a fully loaded AN124 is 892,875 pounds. The airports runway weight-bearing capacity is 900,000 pounds and width is 300-feet wide. All the taxiways have a weight bearing capacity of 450,000 pounds and are 250-feet wide. Next is the data analysis and interpretation.

Data Analysis, Interpretation, and Research Reporting

The data analysis and interpretation step is also how it sounds. The AN124 can land on the runway, but it cannot taxi onto any taxiways without causing damage to the aircraft and pavement. The research-reporting step is reporting the information collected to the management for the final decision on what actions to take.

Management Decision

The management decision is the last step to the business research process. In the AN124 scenario, management has decided the following actions. The AN124 will land and shut down engines on the runway. AM will send out advisories notifying other aircraft and airports that the runway is closed until further notice. Fire department will respond and clear the fire hoping the aircraft is still operable. If the aircraft is not operable, AM may need to close the runway for hours and maybe even days. This depends if the maintenance crew is on the aircraft or if they need to travel to the location to fix it; plus the time it will take to fix the aircraft. Once the AN124 is fixed, it will need to back taxi to the right end of the runway and take off.


In conclusion, the business research process is detrimental concerning business actions. If the steps are not properly followed, companies can loose credibility, possibly millions of dollars, and the decision makers and workers can loose their jobs. In this instance, the management could have let the aircraft taxi down a taxiway causing damage to the aircraft wheels or other parts depending on how far the aircraft sinks in the ground, possibly tipping it to the side and damaging the aircraft wings. The business research process is an imperative job and possibly can save lives.

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