Car Technologies and Green Energy: General Motors Go Green Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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Most of the people in the world still support the perception about cars being one of the main air pollutants on the planet. General Motors promoted their Fuel Cell technology under the Chevrolet division with the Chevy Equinox car on the Smithsonian magazine in September 2008, when posting an advertisement that presented their newest technology for environment friendly cars, the Equinox fuel cell. The magazine is a lifestyle magazine that is designated to people who love to read about nature, culture, science, and travel. The advertisement, that consist from a car that is inside of a big field of green grass and flowers and a text box that explains the technology of the Fuel Cell, is trying to emphasis the difference between the new technology that the car company is offering in the Chevy Equinox to the regular technology that is consider less environmentally friendly.

The car industry, as I mentioned above, is considered one of the main reason for air pollution around the planet. The way General Motors id focusing on keeping the environment as clean as possible and prevent air pollution can be portrayed as a surprise. The methods of advertising the car companies used are trying to fix the population perception about car pollution and persuade readers that the newest technology of the Chevy Equinox, the Equinox fuel cell, is concerned about the environment and the air pollution causing by cars.

Those advertisement techniques the car companies used are helpful. GM tried to persuade the audience that this car technology is keeping the environment clean by drawing the car in a green flower field and explaining to the reader how the new technology is different from the others. As most of the people relate green fields and flowers as a nature and environmental symbol, the car companies are trying to improve their image by accosting it to those characteristics, hoping the symbols will carry over their product.

The use of the transfer technique, one of McClintocks propaganda techniques, is actually working. A reader can easily be persuaded that the newest technology in car fuel is causing less air pollution and try to be more considerate of the environment. The nature characteristics and the convincing explanation the advertisement reflects are definitely giving the reader the reasons to consider using this new technology of the Chevy Equinox. Even I, a sports car enthusiast, got excited from this advertisement. Reading the technology characteristics, and the fact it is friendly to the environment and even can save a lot of money over fuel made me research more about this interesting innovation.

The ads car picture emphasizes for the viewers the whole attitude behind Fuel Cell technology. General Motors is showing the audience that even the car, considering as a pollutant, can be a part of the nature. The colorful shining flowers alongside the bright sky and the amazing nature that are in the background of the car make it feel like a natural environmental figure. In addition, the drawing of cells on the car emphasis the latest technology that is helping to reduce the air pollution significantly. The using of the transfer technique in this advertisement makes the purpose of the ad to be clear and coherent: this technology is the greenest in the market. All the elements combined in the picture help the reader realize that this new technology is really a quantum leap. Many people know about the green technologies before, but as the top of the advertisement says, this technology is the latest one.

The ads first part wishes to explain the reader about this advanced technology and convince him it is the newest and the best one. The whole well detailed explanation try to describe the technology as the best one for both the costumer and the environment. The advertisement says in bold text: hydrogen fuel cells use zero gasoline and produce zero emissions in order to emphasis the benefits of the costumer and the environment by reducing gasoline use and emissions of the car. Also, the advertisement says in bold that: our most advance fuel cell propulsion system to date is using, in order to make the costumers know about the effort the companies put on high developed technology alongside their experience in developing environment friendly car systems.

People that are looking for a green car that will keep the environment clean will be excited to see in this advertisement that: Green Car Journal has given the Chevy Equinox Fuel Cell its Green Car Vision Award. All the bold text and the center characteristics that the car companies are using in this advertisement help them to present their product as the most advanced and clean technology that is existed in the market. In addition, the figure at the top of the page, that describes the development of the green technology from Fuel Efficiency to the Fuel Cell, helps the car companies show that their product is the latest innovation.

People all around the world are familiar with the magnificent technology of the Hybrid and Electric cars. When a person will hear that a new technology, even better then Hybrid and Electric, is out to the market, he will not refuse to hear more details about it. The title of the advertisement, Gas Friendly to gas-free helps the figure above to emphasis that this technology is the latest invention that can save the costumer valuable money and help the world become greener.

Overall, the car companies made this advertisement attractive. The clear and detailed explanation follow by a well-designed picture help them achieve their goal and depict their product as green and environmental thoughtful. It might be hard to convince costumers that even the newest technology of cars will cause zero damage to the environment. Nevertheless, it is hard to ignore General Motors advertisement, that trying to emphasis the opposite. And if you try to buy a new car- do not be pessimistic about this technology, just think about the environment.

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