Cellphones are not necessary in teenagers lives Essay

Published: 2019-10-10 05:30:52
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No, cellphones are not necessary in teenagers lives. I admit this because I think cellphones ruin teenagers social life. First of all, teens like to use their cellphones to text. Something that is wrong about this is that these teenagers only will talk over text but, never face to face. Besides texting on their phone, they also like to go on social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr. Other teens that use these social networks can start rumors about you that may or may not be true. This can lead to people talking behind your back at school and not having any friends that want to talk to you. Furthermore, teenagers having a cellphone can stop them from going out as much. The advantage of going out with yours friends is to socialize and have fun. There would be no point to going out if you have a cellphone because you can just call each other or talk online.

These are a few examples of how having a cellphone can ruin a teenagers social life. As a teenager having a cellphone distracts me on a daily basis. For instance, when having a conversation with someone it makes it hard for me to concentrate to what the person in front of me is saying when an incoming message is sent. Also, having a cellphone beside you while doing your homework is not a great idea. While doing your homework you can randomly get a text message or a notification which makes it hard to focus on your work and easy to get distracted by your phone. So instead of doing your homework you will probably be playing a game on your phone. In addition to getting distracted while doing homework, teenagers also get distracted while doing their chores.

This can lead them to not getting their chores done and later on getting in trouble by their parents. In brief, being a teenager and having a cellphone distracts me in many ways and most likely distracts other teenagers as well. Finally, having a cellphone when you are a teenager lacks productivity. Teenagers sit somewhere for hours doing nothing that is important. For example, you go on your phone and check your Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram over and over again. Also, teenagers get so attached to their phone that they forget about their homework and the next day try to come up with excuses on why it is not done. Teenagers should go outside and breathe the fresh air but when you are on your phone you manage to sit around for hours which is not very healthy for your body.

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