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Published: 2019-12-11 23:33:00
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Studies suggest that homework benefits Jr. High Students. However some schools have different beliefs. For example, Centerville School has decided to change its homework policy. Their new policy does not require students to do homework. I disagree with this new policy, for homework has many benefits such as building responsibility and disciplining students, keeping the parents involved with their kids education and it gives students more time to practice and absorb what they learnt in class. First of all, homework is a great resource for teaching responsibility and discipline to students. It encourages good work habits. With daily homework, students learn time management, an essential life skill. They realise that not all their free time should be used for leisure. Some of it should be used otherwise, for their studies. It teaches them responsibility to complete work on time as they may lose marks if they dont finish it. This keeps them organized.

Another benefit of homework is that it keeps parents involved with their childs education. Parents cant be with their kids at school, therefore are excluded from many class projects and assignments. If the kids get homework, parents can follow their childs curriculum throughout the year. It also enhances the communication between the child and parent because it gives them something to talk about. Parents can thus monitor their childs progress in school. Finally, homework gives students more time to practice and absorb what they learnt in class. They have more time to improve and master the skills they learnt at school.

Students need this extra time and if not given as homework, teachers will have to dedicate some class time for this. This loss of class time leads to other issues, like not completing their grade curriculum in time. The extra time devoted at home to school has a positive effect on a students study life. All in all, Centerville School has decided to alter their homework policy. The policy was to not give their students homework. Homework teaches kids responsibility and discipline, and it involves parents in their kids schooling. Also, it gives students more time to exercise and expand the skills they are learning in class. Homework has many benefits and I dont think the homework policy in Centerville School should be changed.

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