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Published: 2020-02-15 22:20:45
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As with anything that requires a change in established attitudes and behavior, achieving true diversity in the workplace can be a challenge. The challenges of diversity in the workplace are often the result of a combination of different factors, but resistance to change on the part of both employees and employers continues to be the primary underlying issue. One of the challenge workplace diversity is communication. This is because an organization trying to adopt a more inclusive environment is assimilation for any member outside of the dominant group.

Without proper communication, barriers that exist between groups of people due to actual or perceived differences and pre-conceived notions cannot be effectively broken down. The purpose of diversity training in the workplace, among other things, is to improve communications between diverse social groups. Besides that ,the challenge is refer to diversity management. Related to the challenge of policy implementation, diversity management must be properly delegated and enforced in order to be effective.

If no one person or department is in charge of enforcement and implementation of any type of policy, it goes without saying that the policy will most likely not be effectively followed or enforced. Diverstiy management also want to face many problem when their worker giving different opinions and should find the good solution to solve from different etnic. Managing diversity is more than simply acknowledging differences in people. This is an additional challenge that diverse organizations face, maintaining a culture which supports the idea of employee voice especially for marginalized group members.

When the organizational environment is not supportive of dissenting viewpoints, employees may choose to remain silent for fear of repercussions or they may seek alternative safe avenues to express their concerns and frustrations such as on-line forums and affinity group meetings. By finding opportunities such as these to express dissent, individuals can begin to gather collective support and generate collective sense-making which creates a voice for the marginalized members so they can have a collective voice to trigger change.

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