Challenges and Achievements Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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Have you ever watched in disbelief at other peoples achievements, thinking to yourself how were they able to get there? The Answer is exactly the opposite of the following statement There are no challenges so difficult, no goals so impossible, as the ones we set ourselves Its because they themselves set their goals and as a result made it happen. The goals that we set ourselves may surely be very hard to achieve sometimes but still possible. on the contrary, the challenges that happen to us unexpectedly or from the outside world which are way more impossible to overcome. Every year the famous Olympics are being held were the most talented athletes from all over the world come to show their abilities and get the most honorable medal one could get. Right after the Olympic season the Paralympics start, were all the disabled athletes are being given the chance to shine.

And its astonishing how people in wheelchairs, without arms and without legs are ambitious to show that they can be something and be counted within the Olympics despite their disabilities. Even One athlete without any legs was actually running beside all those who had normal functioning legs, and he actually won. Reading it in the headlines of the morning newspaper, just made me truly believe that there are no goals a person sets himself that are impossible. In addition my own personal experience with challenges prove that whatever a person wants to achieve, he will, even if it sounds impossible to others. In order to complete my B.A I had to pass the math CLEP test. i was always bad in math and numbers are really not my specialty, but I knew Im surely no less capable then all the others that passed the test. All my friends told me how hard it was even for them and how impossible its going to be for me but my score proved them wrong.

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Of course I worked really hard and studies for hours, but in the end I did it. A person knows himself best, he knows his abilities and strength so when he sets himself a goal, with working hard he will eventually get there. On the other hand challenges that come to us unexpectedly are way harder to overcome than our self-made ones. Prove to that are all the many challenges of sudden disasters, like this years hurricane sandy or major poverty, or sudden loss of a family member. People who were affected by the hurricane have lost their possessions, house and stabilization. In addition to their everyday challenges they have this, which will take them many years to recover from.

Those are challenges that are hard to pass, and when one compares those to passing a math Clep, those seem way tougher. People often set hard-to-reach goals and sometimes they fail or succeed in pursuing those goals, but nonetheless there possible. Additionally i do think, though that for many, the most difficult challenges come from outside the individual, from the outside world and nature. Besides, without any challenges we wouldnt be able to achieve so many great things. So lets embrace our challenges, work hard and prove that whatever we want to achieve, we can. The next time i have a challenge to face ill think of that athlete who made it to the top despite all odds. After all nobody said you cannot learn from others in order to achieve the impossible.

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