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Published: 2020-02-17 21:12:34
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My Citizenship coursework will be based on the rights and responsibilities of employees and their employers in the workplace. The aim of the coursework is to produce a report explaining the health and safety rules on my work experience placement. This is a citizenship activity because it looks closely at important rights. It will also look at my roles, and those of others, during the activity. I have chosen my work experience place because this will give me the opportunity to get an experience and will make me or introduce me to the world and get vital points on how to develop my life skills towards working.

The placement that I have been given is not close to my house but I am willing to work hard and grab this opportunity. I am also interested in the financial market and promoting of products and Ill learn from this. I went for my work experience to Comet Stores. My work experience was for a two week period staring on the 6th of June 2005 and ending on the 16th of June 2005. The area that I was allocated for the work experience was in Fosse Park, which is near the outer ring of the city near to the motorways.

Comet Stores is a well-known brand, which sells household electronic devices. The placement that I was in was the biggest store in the city. The complex comprised of two floors namely the sales floor (which was the first floor) and the warehouse, which was the second floor. Before attending the work placement I had to phone up and book an interview with the manager in charge of the store. A week after the phone call was the date of my interview.

In the interview I was told the basics about the company such as start and finish times, the dress code and passwords to enter the staff room. I was told that at the first day of my work experience I would be told in more detail about my individual and team tasks. At the start of the first day of my work experience I was feeling anxious as well as nervous. This was the first time I would be entering a working environment. At the start of the day I was taken by the manager for an assembly.

I was told to report to the designated area where each person would be given a briefing each morning. A gentleman named Chris was to look after me for the first day. He was in charge of the warehouse stock and was very helpful. He gave me some advice and told me many people have visited the store for work experience and that the store will challenge my ability individually and with a team. The manager had told Chris to take me to the boardroom where I was shown Health and Safety videos that were made by the store.

After each key fact Chris would explain to me what it meant, how it concerned the store and asked me if I had any questions. I was also given additional leaflets on Health and safety in the building such as the fire exits and where the fire extinguishes were. I was given a wide range of activities during work experience. The main task I was given for the first few days was to pack and check the shelves. This consisted of me checking the availability of the stock, ordering the stock from the warehouse if it had run out and then packing the shelves with the item.

I was also given the chance to analyze the security system of the work place and told how to alarm and disable the alarm system. I was put on my first test with this task, as I had to wire all the flat screen monitors in a sequence to alarm the security if any person may try to take the item. I had noticed as the days went on the store gave me different and more tasks to do which would challenge my ability. I was promoted to assisting the sales staff and to analyze the way in how the sales person would work. This task was to communicate with the public and gave a lot of confidence.

I was also placed in the warehouse where I was given a lot of responsibility. I was asked to check the stock, the handling of goods, taking orders and also using the elevator belt, which I was given a Health and Safety guide to. The elevator belt could go upward towards the warehouse and when giving items to the sales floor going downwards. Special buttons were needed for this and great care was needed. All the staff members assisted me but as I was put on different jobs there was different staff members that would help me.

As I was on the warehouse level the elevator belt had suddenly come to a halt. As I was not a technician I had asked from a member of staff from the warehouse level. He kindly came and tried to help me but could not fix the problem. As a result he sent a technician to come and assist. The problem was sorted and both members of staff assisted me when I asked for some help. Whilst on the placement I had learnt a lot about rights and responsibility of employers and their employees. I was given a sheet, which told me all the rights.

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