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Published: 2020-02-23 06:00:11
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According to the BoomerProject. com, there will be seventy-eight million boomers turning fifty by 2006 that will spend two trillion dollars annually on goods and services and just shopping around. Advertisers, marketers and various club organizations are fighting to attract these trillions of dollars by offering exclusive experiences, luxury condominiums and timeshares, private residential communities, among a multitude of other diversions.

According to this same 2005 study, in 2006 thirty-nine additional timeshare plans, including single site and multi-site vacation clubs, are forecasted to open having three thousand nine hundred ninety-eight dedicated timeshare units and, thirty-two projects with four thousand eight hundred and thirty-one condo hotel units are forecasted to open.

This article summarizes the different kinds of clubs that are attracting boomers by the millions: The Country Club, the Golf Subdivision, Lot Sales/Sporting Club, the Condominium Club, the Fractional Club and Private Residence Club, the Destination Club, the Timeshare Plan Club, the Multi-Site Timeshare Plan Club (Vacation Club), and the Crossover that implements elements from all of the other options.

Indeed, clubs, clubs, and more clubs abound as our baby boomer generation is exiting the workforce and entering the leisurely land of retirement. Boomers have trillions of dollars of expendable income and whichever club concept proves to be the most popular and exclusive will attract top dollar when it comes to luxury, convenience, status, and location.

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