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Published: 2019-10-10 12:30:52
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Coffee and tea have existed in the world for a long time. Hundreds of years ago, people who lived in South America started to produce coffee, but the earliest drink likes coffee was made by ancient Arabian.

They thought it was a kind of medicine used for stomach. After the 15th century, coffee was spread to other countries such as Egypt and Ottoman Empire by Muslims who were back from Hajj, while in ancient China, Chinese people started to make tea about 3000 years ago. Because of nice environment and weather, the first part of tea plants was discovered in southwest China. After, drink tea became an important culture of Chinese people, and tea began to spread into countries near China.

Coffee and tea are similar, but different in some specific area. First, coffee and tea are similar but different in population. People from all around the world like them. For example, British people used to drink a cup of tea with some snacks when they have a rest in the afternoon. Western people enjoy drinking black tea, and some of them mix it with milk to make milky tea. Likewise, most people like drinking coffee, for it often tastes good. In China, more and more people began to drink coffee, and some of whom want to taste better coffee like blue mountain coffee.

However, although these two drinks are both popular around the world, coffee is still drunk most by western people, while the most quantity of tea is used in East Asia. People lived in China, Japan, and Korea regarded tea as the main drink. Second, coffee and tea are similar but different in function. Both coffee and tea can refresh people because there is a kind of chemical matter, which is caffeine in both of them. This chemical matter can be used for nerves to make a person feel awake and lively. Also, some experts said that black coffee and green tea can help a person lose weight. But, in contrast, tea has some more functions due to another kind of chemical matter which cant be found in coffee.

This chemical matter that named tea polyphenol whose ability is to relieve the effect that is made by poison. Finally, coffee and tea have similarity and difference in origination. Both of them are made from plants. Thousands of years ago, people lived in Africa planted coffee trees in succeed, and now, Brazil has the most coffee trees in the world. In south of China, there are a lot of terraced fields that grow tea trees.

On the other hand, people use leaves from tea to make tea, while they use fruits from
coffee plants to make coffee. To sum up, coffee and tea are similar in their population, function, and origination, while they are different of their use in different place, their different chemical matter, and their different material. I suggest that people should drink both coffee and tea so that they can be healthier.

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