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Published: 2020-02-10 12:11:55
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Unwrapping ISLLC Standard 1 with team Blue was a great experience. While it took some time for the team to all meet together, the group proved to be hard working, understanding, and compassionate. There were a few issues that came to the surface while working together, and the process seemed to be very valuable to the eventual goal of a Principalship.

The first issue to come to the surface was keeping in good communication and finding times to meet considering that each member has varying schedules. Use of the discussion forum and great internet programs such as skype and allowed the entire team to collaborate and to watch the same computer screen during final revisions.

An additional issue that came to the surface was keeping in communication through some personal and family hardships faced by two of the group members. Again, relying on the discussion forum, and keeping each other abreast of available times kept the team going strong through these problems.

Understanding the value of unwrapping ISLLC in a group setting seems to be very valuable. Having members with different backgrounds and experiences allows different viewpoints to come together resulting in a wonderfully insightful mix. It also allows no member of the group to have an unchallenged say in a decision which can be very valuable for leading a school. It is just as important to make decisions as it is to listen to the various stakeholders of a school community and understand their concerns and insights to different problems or issues that arise during a school year.

In conclusion, it was a terrific initial process to collaborate with the group. We all agree that getting the first standard unwrapped will pave the way for future assignments and to understand how to work best with one another. This is a very valuable process and it should continue to be so.

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