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Published: 2020-02-04 08:12:27
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As a persons age advances, the skin loses natural cells that promote elasticity and help maintain youthful look. Collagen, known to be a form of protein that holds and tightens the skin underneath, slowly decreases with age. Hence when you reach the age of forty, you notice that your skin starts to sag and form wrinkles. Even the hair and nails suffer from this gradual loss of collagen. The lips, most especially, also become less plump and the usual pout in most women is gone when they reach fifty. And yet there are many ways to compensate for the loss of youth. With the modern woman, the cost of looking young is no cause for concern for as long as the results are delivered.

Taking collagen supplements for more youthful look has gained popularity among American women as well as with other women all over the world. To know how to choose a collagen supplement, read these tips. ¢ Know that collagen supplements come as oral medication and skin applications (cream, gel, moisturizers, injections, and etc.). Decide which of the two options you want to use. ¢ Consult your doctor before taking oral collagen supplements. As with taking any oral supplements, you need to ask the advice of your doctor to make sure the supplements do not cause adverse reactions with other medications you might be taking. With the skin applications and injections, make sure you have no allergies whatsoever that may result to unfavorable outcome.

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¢ Select a collagen product that has moisturizers and hydrating components. For topical applications, a collagen supplement must be able to replace the lost natural moisture of your skin. The reason why aging skin gets wrinkled is because the skin has become dry due to decrease of natural collagen supply. Collagen supplements in the form of external applications work best with women or even men who are in their 20s and 30s. At this stage, oral collagen supplements may not be necessary yet. ¢ Make sure to use collagen injections that come from natural sources. Some collagen substances recommended for injections are from fats of animals such as pigs.

¢ Pick an oral supplement that is fortified with multi vitamins particularly Vitamin C and E. Since you are taking the collagen supplements orally anyway make it a point that they contain nutrients as well. Vitamin E is also considered a youth pill, hence aside from the benefits you get from the collagen itself, your youth is even enhanced with the Vitamin E component. ¢ Decide on a supplement that has other health benefits. Many collagen supplements have antioxidants such as grape seed oil which is a very potent substance in restoring lost mass of body tissues. ¢ Buy supplements that have levels of elastin and collagen, the amounts of which are appropriate to your age. The rule here is: the younger you are, the lower the level of collagen is required, and the older you get, the higher level is needed.

¢ Find out if the supplement has ingredients such as nano-Lipobelle H EQ10, Cynergy TK or COQ10 and multivitamins. ¢ Ask friends who have tried using collagen supplements about how effective these substances are. If you see any improvement on them, then you might as well try their product. Although collagen injections give instant results of a youthful look, they do not last long. Hence oral collagen supplements are still preferred because they get into the body system permanently, thus promoting better and more long lasting effect.

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