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Published: 2020-02-12 15:40:54
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2. List what is said about the British / Germans / Americans. British ?Bad food ?Not to easy going ?Pompous ?Arrogants ?Humorless Germans ?Stricts ?Punctuals ?Serious ?Precise ?Hardworkers Americans ?Loud ?Easygoing ?Ignorants ?Confidence 3. THEN MAKE A List of the adjectives / actions you think do stereotype the people from your country of origin. Colombians ?Easygoing ?Drug-dealers ?Like to party ?Coffee 4. Explain briefly whether you think there is some truth in them.

Easygoing I think that Colombian people are very easygoing we can adapt to different cultures. Drug-dealers There is a belief that a huge of percent of the population work with cocaine, but actually there is small organization who deals with it and the vast majority of the population are normal people who work, study as the other population of the earth. Like to party In spite of the problems that the county has, we enjoy the life and seize any occasion for celebrate with passion and happiness. Coffee The best coffee in the world is produced in the Colombians mountains of a traditional and craft way.

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