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This gives the impression that old age has changed people as they grow up. They are people of confidence and organisation but then their life is pre-adjusted and they become pitiful and miserable, regretting all the things they didnt do in their youth. The tone seemingly appears to move towards being light-hearted; in contrast the reader approaches a more dissatisfied and moving tone in stanzas 5,6,7 and8. The old man re-iterates his lifelong age where he expresses his feelings and emotions, as he gets older and older has no power to arouse! and ramble in your talk around London districts, fretting.

This gives the impression that old age can sometimes be emotionally haunting or like the man in the poem, can imply that you are a demonstrate and anxious figure, your surliness; your wife could replace on the walls. Old age can also become a distraction from your children and as stated in the poem And you wouldnt really know, as you become unaware of things around you. In stanzas nine and ten, the poem approaches a more subtle and personal tone as the reader soon discovers about the old mans relationship with his daughter.

The poet addresses the direct speech of the old man talking through use of italics. The relationship between the old man and his daughter is drifting further apart, but his dependency on her becomes very clear. She however does not wish to intrude on his life, but is willing to guide him. The underlying sadness in the tone of her pleading sums up the daughters feelings for her father. There is a definite contrast between the speakers of the two poems. In warning stanza one opens with a declaration When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple! The phrase is comically full of shock and surprise for the reader.

The sense of slight exaggeration is created to attract the readers attention. The humour in the language belies the tone of frustration and exhibits clever use of foil. In stanza two, the poem adopts a more serious tone whereby the speaker addresses the general public in a more assertive manner. The impression given of society is one, which is very generalised and uncaring, You can wear terrible shirts and grow more fat. This gives the reader the impression that old age can turn people a bit arrogant, regretting the fact that one day, everyone becomes old in life.

Some might look old, but want to feel young, similar to the voice of Warning, And make up for the sobriety of my youth. Stanza three reflects a more calm and mature attitude; more in keeping with the stereotypical expectation of society today. This stanza also offers excitement of future prospects in experiencing freedom from old age and responsibility. This contrasts with what is expected of the old, which is to act and behave in a responsible manner where younger generations can look up to and follow as an example.

The final stanza creates a circular time structure with a reference at the end to the opening line I shall wear purple suddenly becomes and start to wear purple. This shows that when people grow old, they dont have to live solemnly in life, but can revive their childhood. There is no start or end, but life can be one big circle; we dont have to just end in death. The poem Old Man, Old Man expresses what we expect -the real emotional and sad sentiments facing an old person, and reinforce the idea as the poem progresses.

Warning on the other hand is surprising with being comical in tone though seems serious. It expresses that growing old does not necessarily mean living a boring life like in stanza three. Therefore it is light-hearted about what someone might do when they are old even if it is not what society expects of old people wear purple. The serious tone of Old Man, Old Man expresses the real sentiments of life, reinforcing ideas as the poem progresses, but the tone in Warning is seemingly serious, but what we expect differs from the tone of Old Man, Old Man.

Throughout the poem Old, Man, Old Man, the themes of growing old can change the ways in which people think and feel about you. The love expressed for the old mans daughter is fading away. But she still battle to give him help and wants to be let in and love him. This point is reiterated through the use of the word Let. The impressions brought about by this use of repetition in the final stanza. This echoes to the reader that love can be an emotion or love can be a dependence, similar to the love expressed by the old man, Let me find your hammer, Let me walk with you to Drurry Lane, but only as a cloud.

On the other hand, growing old doesnt result in leading a monotonous and boring life, but an exciting one, similar to the exuberant voice in Warning. The idea of age is conveyed through Josephs use of language, And learn to spit¦ but now we must have nice clean clothes that keep us dry. Basically, this poem is similar to Old Man, Old Man in many authentic ways but varies in others. One seems to follow the stereotypical theme of old age, whereas the other, by Jenny Joseph, explores the theme of an anti-stereotypical society of old aged people.

Similarly, both of these poems discuss the ideas about death, old age and life. It can be depressing or sombre. They both expect life to be boring and simple by the time each characters reaches old age, but what is different is the fact that Old Man, Old Man explores the theme of old age as a ritual; life starts comical and astonishing, but changes into a life of confusion. On the other hand, Warning gives the impression that old age is not a time of great wisdom and knowledge, but a time of joy and happiness, where you can live life like you have never lived it before.

The mood of the poem helps to reiterate the tone of exultance and acting cunningly. The purpose of Warning is to let society come to an understanding that old age is not something to be feared about, but something to look forward to; childhood, adulthood and old age are all apart of one subject. They link into each other and are apart of one. The restrictions that the voice rebels against are sometimes reasonable. When you are old, you can become surprisingly different and wear a red hat that doesnt match, but learning to spit is a little extreme.

The voice shocks the reader into thinking that old age is a time of sensation, but the thought of acting irresponsibly stimulates aswell as aggravates some people. In comparison, Old Man, Old Man causes the reader to think differently about old age. It is really a time to settle down and not swear. The narrator sees the old man as a man whose hands shamble amongst clues and lives in almost darkness Both of these poems describe old age in various ways. Old age can either be a time of monotonous activities or a time where people can be young again and live through their sobriety of their youth.

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