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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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He defies authority and plays tricks on his relatives (putting a frog in his bowl of bread and milk) and this is how he appears throughout the story, a devious, rebellious boy that clinches every chance of challenging authority. T the protagonist and his gang shock the reader with their lack of compassion and remorse. Well pull it down, well destroy it,, The crew accepts and executes a plan of demolishing the two-hundred year old house, obliterating it from inside, and then crushing the remaining infrastructure.

Correspondingly, Nicholas defeats his aunt with his constant challenges and she, maintained the frozen muteness of one who had suffered undignified and unmerited detention. They are brutal and atrocious but have limits and boundaries in their actions. T proclaims, breaking in thats good enough, we dont want any court stuff, he sadistically burns old miserys money and tears down his house but will not steal anything from it, he is cautious and has very extensive limitations. Nicholas makes a joke of his aunt being stuck in the water tank; he is amused and humoured when pretending she was the, evil-one.

He then realizes that such luxuries were not to be over indulged in and decides to walk away leaving her trapped and horrified for half-an-hour. As the stories uncover both boys are seen as strategic, methodical planners, holding a vivid and broad imagination. Its as though this plan had been with him all his life, pondered through seasons, T is a precautious, well-organized boy, who has literally become obsessed with his plan, similarly to Nicholas who, rapidly put into execution a plan of action that had long germinated in his brain.

When unanticipated disruptions occur, they do not panic but resume with their tasks and think logically. When Mr. Thomas abruptly returns from the bank holiday vacation, T restores confidence and reassures those around him Dont worry. Ill see to this I said I would, didnt I? Similarly, while Nicholass aunt is, angrily repeating his name to come out assuming and thinking he is in the gooseberry garden; he doesnt get flustered but is calm and persistent, smiles and serenely restores everything in the lumber room back in its place.

Ts response to beauty differs from our stereotypical account of appreciation due to his familys fall from grace, Come down in the world, as his mother puts it. His father who was once an architect is now a clerk, humiliation and shame has drowned his family. Once Trevor encountered old miserys residence he became no-longer a disciple whose words are confined to yes and no. The house is seen as a metaphor for his own life and a chance to obtain revenge from humanity, he acquires the chance to appreciate the house by demolishing it.

In the destruction of Old Miserys house, he is given the ability to lash out at the world in response to the misfortune and shame it has beset onto him. Nicholas and Trevor are intellectual, audacious and devious boys. Their youth, and inexperience is juxtaposed with precociousness, talent in their endeavours, and methodical, strategic plans. The authors of both texts explore the ideas of youth and ingenuity to accentuate on the fact that age doesnt correspond with dexterity and aptitude; the reader is able to comprehend and understand this hidden message by learning about T and Nicholas.

It is evident that these boys stand out from other children with their mature outlook and vivid imaginations. I believe that they have cloned personalities and a very similar mentality. As Trevor and his gang eradicated a Victorian home, the canvas of devastation they created displayed just as much careful appreciation and engrossment as Nicholas exhibited as he surreptitiously explored the wonders of the lumber room. 1159 words Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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