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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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Hometown is the city or town where one grows up, or the place of ones principal residence.It is a place where one passes the lions share of his lifetime in the midst of peace, tranquility and joy. It is not required to be the birthplace, although the two can be the same place.

The name of my hometown is Barisal. It is an old port on the Kirtankhola on the northern shore of the Bay of Bengal in southern Bangladesh. It is 373 km far from capital city Dhaka. The name Barisal derives from Bari and Salt which indicates the ancient gigantic Salt Lines and Farming areas.The area of the town is about 20 square kilometres.Its population is about 0.38 million.

Barisal municipality was established in 1957. The central city of this region is the city of Barisal. It is one of the biggest river ports in Bangladesh. It has a beautiful semi-urban outlook along with divisional headquarter, medical college, cadet college, some pharmaceutical industries, textile industries and the Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authoritys head office. Countrys first short landing and take off airport has been completed in Barisal and a private Airlines named Air Bengal has begun its regular air flight between Dhaka Tejgaon Airport and Barisal.The city is sometimes called the Venice of Bengal. The majority of the people of Barisal are Muslims. There are various occupations chosen by the people of Barisal . Being a rustic area,It holds farming largely. Barisal is a rice producing center of Bangladesh. Balam is the most popular rice in Bangladesh growing in Barisal.

Barisal has given birth to many famous bodies of bangladesh. (এরপর নামগুলা দিবে)

Barisal has lots of beautiful places. The Madhabpasha Bridge with an area of about 2,500 hectare, is the largest of southern Bangladesh. It is located at Madhabpasa village of Babuganj upazila, about 11 km away from Barisal town..Migratory birds usually come here during winter. The surrounding areas of the dighi has now been turned into a picnic spot. Barisal City also has many other parks,horticultures and eye-soothing farming areas.

Hometown is a place for decent satisfaction. However it is,it iis the best place where best moments of life are spent. I love my hometown Barisal and pray for its prosperity from the bottom of my heart.

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