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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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God knows best. This is a title of one of the poems made by Helen Steiner Rice. It is stated in the poem that whatever challenges that come in peoples lives, it is not a punishment but an opportunity to be strong. Tears that flow from eyes will eventually become a source of courage to face lifes enduring trials. Sarahs story is a story of a person who was deep challenged by God. As further reading, try to discern how God used miseries to make her a better person. Sarah is a 40-year-old woman whose life absolutely did not just began at her present age. She is a businesswoman and lives in a fast-paced world in the city.

Her business is engaged in food industry and doing well in the present time. She had bought lands from several provinces where she plans to construct additional houses. At first sight, she seemed to live in just about a perfect life. However, she has no family of her own. The only family she considers is her nephew, Aldrin. She serves as his guardian for 13 years now. Aldrin suffers from one type of autism, the Pervasive Developmental Disorder. Pervasive Developmental Disorder or also termed as atypical autism, is a kind of catchall category for children who have some autistic problems but who dont fit into other categories.

Many people thinks that Aldrin is the only thorn of Sarahs life. Little do they know that he is actually one of Sarahs reason of existence. It is not that I have no choice. I see myself from him. We both seemed outcast from our loved ones. Besides, I got no one except him. I give him love that his parents failed to provide him. In return, I receive love from a very special son which I ever dreamt of having. Sarah, like her nephew, suffers from a different illness. She had been trying to escape a painful past. At 25, she had a child.

It was a baby boy named Kurt. He was a premature baby and in fact a miracle for his part to be born alive. Unfortunately, after two years, God had to take back the child from her. His heart was too weak to make him stable. It was the most tragic moment for Sarah. She questioned God why she had to have Kurt if he will be gone right away. For 3 years, she doubted God until Aldrin enters her life. One unusual day, her sister visited her. She asked her to take care of Aldrin for two months and that she had to leave for work. The supposedly two months became years.

It took long for Sarah to give herself a chance to love again. Every day, she wishes Kurt to replace Aldrins side. She had a lot of what ifs and could have beens before she realized her purpose for Aldrin. Every day they spent together, she learns to sympathize with Aldrins condition. I am not the only person who is being challenged by God. There is lot of people who undergo worse cases than mine. I am in fact more privileged than them. God gives me not a responsibility but a mission for someone as special as Aldrin, Sarah said. Before, she wandered why Aldrin had to be part of her life.

After years of taking care of him, she becomes more concern to why he had to be part of his, and what more can she do to help him. Indeed, people go through tough situations in life. These situations somehow define how each people are different from one another. God has his own way of molding each person. Sarahs story is just one of the stories of life. There is lot of untold ones which seemed unimaginable yet real. It is only when a person understands why these situations occur that will help him appreciate and discern how God wants him to be shaped in his image. (662) Works Cited Ricamara, Sarah J. Personal Interview. 16 April 2009.

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