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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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The mission of the International Organization of Migration (IOM) is commitment to the principle that humane and orderly migration benefits migrates and the society in which they choose to live (International Organization for Migration, n. d. ). IOM provides a safe, reliable, and cost-effective service to help those who require international migration assistance. This global organization is forced to face several cross-cultural issues on a daily basis simply because of the services they provide.

IOM prides itself for developing an extensive knowledge of the migration rules and regulations in countries worldwide. They work with several other partners to keep up-to-date with the latest laws and any special requirements that are necessary for any migrates to migrate successfully to the new country. Although IOM works with many countries all over the world, this paper will focus on the cross-culture issues between the United States and Mexico. Mexican Immigration in the US Immigration allows American citizens to be exposed to many cultures without having to travel the globe.

The Mexican border has created a setting that the United States will never forget by dividing its citizens into two groups, those that oppose immigration and those who support it. Mexican immigrants are a large part of the nations diversity and its unskilled labor workforce. Mexican immigrants are happy to be accepted as American citizens. They come to America to work hard, grow their families, and learn more about American culture. Mexican immigrants consider it to be vital to learn English so they can succeed (Farkas, 2003).

On the other side, many of the Mexican immigrants will work for less than minimum wage which has disrupted the American labor force in the US. This has caused a serious problem among American citizens as there truly is a need for this cheap labor in America. Companies continue to hire the cheaper labor rather than United States citizens as long as the government permits them to do so. These examples are opposite ends of the spectrum concerning Mexican immigration, but IOM is working hard to help those immigrants who want to have a positive, reliable, and safe transition.

It is also important to educate migrates and citizens on the important benefits of migration world-wide. Because of the ever growing population of Mexican immigrants, the United States is continually updating and changing immigration laws. According to International Organization for Migration (n. d. ), their strategic focus to be a primary reference point for migration information, research, best practices, data collection, compatibility, and sharing is another tool to help migrants meet any requirements necessary to be successful in their migration process.

Migration is a pivotal part of the United States, without migration this nation would not be what it is today. IOM actively works to promote, facilitate, and support regional and global debate on migration and its importance in any society (International Organization for Migration, n. d. ). Ethical Perspectives Within any organization that operates globally there are several ethical perspectives to consider. Different cultures have their way of thinking that is socially acceptable. A situation that might be socially and ethically acceptable in one culture could not be so in another culture.

In order to be a successful global organization tackling the cross-cultural differences from the start is ideal. For IOM, they have several offices across the globe that handles cases in the areas they are assigned to. This helps to narrow the different cultures that are represented at any given time. Also when it comes to training the many employees and volunteers who help IOM and the migration process for migrates there is a more narrow focus to train on. It is also important to recruit employees and volunteers who come from different cultural backgrounds so the organization can be appealing to many different countries.

In order to attract a wide array of clients the company itself must look as if they encourage and support all cultures across the globe. IOM is a service to help migrates have a successful migration so it is also important for them to have faith in the company and the services they will provide. If IOM promoted their services from one central office in Switzerland and all their employees and partners were Swedish, that would not promote much confidence in a Mexican immigrant who was trying to have a smooth transition into the United States.

Conclusion The International Organization for Migration was started in the 1950s to help displaced disaster victims from natural disasters or man-made disasters. From there, IOM branched out to help spread the importance of migration in each country worldwide. IOM helps to educate migrates on their new surroundings and also the citizens of that country on the new cultures that are represented. The International Organization for Migration works diligently to uphold the human dignity and well-being of migrates all over the world.

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