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The only issue the company has to consider is the identification of the potential market and customers as the industry is already crowded with too many players. There are other factors which influence the expansion plans of the company which however can be mitigated with a careful planning and organizing the resources properly. With a view to assess the companys capabilities to fight against the threats an analysis of the external factors employing an External Factors Analysis Summary (EFAS) was undertaken. The analysis revealed that the company possesses adequate strengths in the areas of quality customer service at competitive rates.

However the company has to face a stiff competition from other players of the industry, the competitive package deals being offered by the cable companies and VoIP services being offered by software companies. The growth can also be obstructed by the governmental regulations in the US as well as the countries in which the company proposes to expand the services as well as the inadequacies of the infrastructure the company presently having. The analysis proved that despite these issues the company possesses adequate strengths to overcome these problems in the due course.

Current Scenario The current scenario with respect to WDTs past performance and other corporate policies and objectives are stated below: a. Past Corporate Performance, Sales, Profits and Markets: WDT has specialized in art of providing long distance calls at discounted rates and the products include the local telephone calls, long distance calls, internet, internet telephone and providing wireless service. The company has more than 100,000 customers presently. The company presently has offices at Niles, Illinois, Dallas, Texas, New York, Lublin and Poland. b. Mission

The companys mission statement as stated in their official website is: World Discount Telecommunications mission is to satisfy communication needs of ethnic customers by striving to offer exceptional communication experience by providing services that are priced competitively, using reliable technological solutions and offering superior customer service, while creating a fun place to work and satisfaction for the stakeholders.  (WDT. com) c. Objectives The objective of the company is to expand the existing business by exploring the untapped markets both for traditional telephony service.

This includes voluminous Asian markets like India and China and also the Central and South American markets which have more emerging economies presenting abundance of opportunities for business expansion. With the expertise already acquired in the area of discount telecommunicating options, the company strives to get exposure in these different geographical locations. Provision of VoIP facilities in the already established ethnic segments like East European Countries and Russia is considered as another important objective. d.

Strategies Strategically instead of competing larger players in the domestic market on the VoIP segment where the competition is stiff and too many players are present, the company would opt for only the following strategic measures to achieve significant growth within a shorter period. A. Expansion of the traditional services to potential markets in the emerging economies of Asia and Central/South America and B. Expansion of VoIP services to already familiar ethnic markets and customers in East European countries and Russia.

Policies The business policies of WDT are aligned to the mission and objectives. The major policy of the company is to provide superior customer service catering to ethnic customer groups. The company was formulating its business policies based on this broad policy and expanding to various ethnic markets by providing quality telecommunication services at affordable prices. With the rollout of VoIP WDT intends to extend the service to the Russian customers whom they are already serving with traditional telephone services.
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