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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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Off the top of my head, I would define a predator as somebody or an animal who lurks in the shadows waiting for a chance to pounce on and destroy an innocent life. For animals, the predators are that way because it is a matter of survival. Among human beings, these predators are usually mentally ill people who take pride and joy in destroying the life of a person simply because they have the power to do so. The most dangerous kind of human predator ever to surface in recent years is the Cyber predator.

A mentally deranged person who uses the facelessness and flaws of the internet to prey on unsuspecting children and then rob them of their innocence or destroy them. A cyber predator is the worst from of pedophilia to arise in recent years. The truth is that the internet has brought about this more dangerous form of Pedophilia because the internet allows a person to take on or create any personality they want and succeed in passing themselves off as such because of the way the internet is uncontrollable and there is almost no way to verify the identities of the users.

These kinds of people usually pretend to be children between the ages of 6-13 and hang out in various online chat rooms. Children are trusting souls in general and do not realize that they may or may not be chatting with someone their age. To these children, everything is a game and cyber predators take advantage of that innocence and trust by asking them to do lewd acts for the favorite tool of the cyber predators, the web cam.

The web cam has made it very easy for the likes of these people to prey on innocent children without having to worry about being caught or arrested. That is why a cyber predator is more dangerous than the next door neighbor whom you suspect of being a pedophilia. A cyber predator is more wily and has more convincing powers over the young simply because he can effectively pretend to be a child. A cyber predator usually keeps a lookout for a child who comes from a troubled home or feels friendless and alone in the world.

A cyber predator has the gift of gab and uses it to his advantage. He gets the child to trust him enough to meet face to face without the childs parents knowing. This is when the cyber predator pounces into action and effectively destroys the innocent life. The statistics are clear. The advent of the internet has seen child pornography statistics come to an all new high. As of August 2006, The Readers Digest (Asian Edition) indicated in its article r u in ur pjs?

(2006) by Julia Morgan that there has been an increase of 1500% in child abuse images via the internet. Statistics also reveal that 1 out of 8 children eventually discovered that the person they were chatting with online was not a child but an adult. Meanwhile, for every 5 children using the internet, at least 1 will be approached online by a child sex abuser and 29 % of those children will unwittingly give the cyber predator their private information such as their home address or private email address.

It is clear that although the government has specialized law enforcements units dedicated to eradicating cyber predators, parents must take a proactive stance in protecting their children as well. Some of the steps the parents can take is using website filters on the internet browser, keeping the computer in public area of the house where they can peek in on their childs activities as the child uses the computer.

Screening their childs messenger contact list and taking the time to talk to the people their child talks to in order to be able to warn the child about certain people who must be avoided online is also a preventive measure. As a parent it is our duty and obligation to protect our children when they go online by explaining to them about the pitfalls of talking to a cyber predator. It is a dangerous world out on the internet and our children need to be taught how to protect themselves. Work Cited Morgan, Julia. (2006, August). r u in ur pjs?. Readers Digest Asia, 50-57.

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