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Published: 2019-10-10 12:31:42
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Animals have their way around the environment. There are animals that were considered to be helpful in the lives of human. On the other hand, some animals are employed as pests and are controlled, if not totally eliminated. One of these is the Cynomys ludovicianus. Cynomys ludovicianus is known by its common name as the prairie dog, and is said to have originated from the Mexican Chihuahua. These mammals are found on the Desert Grassland, wherein they are most active.

Furthermore, it is in this habitat that these mammals are considered to be the strongest (Journal of Arid Environments, July 7, 2008). Their small size has led to the production of such mammals in the different parts of the country. These tiny mammals depend on their food for most of their lives. From February to Aptril, Cynomys ludovicianus start to mate and form their own colony. These mammals have a tendency to reproduce quickly, however these are being hindered for Cynomys ludovicianus species are considered as pests.

For this, their number has quickly decreased and is now being threatened for extinction. s Regardless of such predicament, the Cynomys ludovicianus species still have a number of uses. As they belong to the Order Rodentia, or the family of rats, these mammals are also considered for animal testing. The characteristics of these mammals are similar to those of humans, that is why they may also be employed as lab rats. As a matter of fact, these mammals were once used in a research proving their effectiveity as host for a certain virus.

The Cynomys ludovicianus species were tested, and it was proven that they were immune from the procine reproductive and respiratory sydroem virus. These mammals habituate in the wild deserts of the United States and survive in colonies. Regardless of the exposure these mammals had in their lives, they are still considered to be immune to the said virus (Baker et. al, 2007). Testing conducted on these mammals only affect a little of their life span. In reality, these mammals are only affected by the toxic substances that are emitted in their habitats.

These toxic substances may come in the form of pestisides. Since Cynomys ludovicianus species are considered as pests, they are targeted into becoming extinct. Furthermore, I believe that these mammals should be given the chance to live like the others. No animal should be endangered or become extinct just because they are considered as pests. However, much care and caution should still be employed. As endangered species, Cynomys ludovicianus species should be trained to be of service to humankind so that lesser problems may be incurred.

Furthermore, it is to the best of ones ability that Cynomys ludovicianus species be promoted in the country. They have the ability to help change the course of time.

References Baker RB, Yu W, Fuentes M, et al. Prairie dog (Cynomys ludovicianus) is not a host for porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus. J Swine Health Prod. 2007;15(1):2229. Journal of Arid Environments, Volume 72, Issue 7, July 2008, Pages 1133-1145 A. D. Davidson and D. C. Lightfoot.

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