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Published: 2020-02-25 19:10:12
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Have you ever made a bet with someone? Have you ever tried not to talk for one whole day? The book No Talking is a book that explores what happens when two groups of fifth graders make a bet to see which groups, either the boys or the girls can remain quieter for two days. The bet is made by Dave Packer and Lindsey Burgess who dont like each other at all. Pointing and nodding ones head is allowed. However, nobody can say more than three words to anybody at one time or points will be taken away from the team who breaks the rules.

Before either Dave or Lindsey shake hands in order to seal the bet. They both ask whether certain words such as wont and dont count as one or two words (Clements 2007: 24). Then, they both shake hands so that the bet can begin the next day at the beginning of lunch period and end on Thursday in the middle of the lunch period (Clements 2007: 26). The teachers were very shocked by the fact that nobody in the fifth grade was speaking to each other.

In fact, Mrs. Hiatt, the principal of the school thought she was still in bed dreaming all of this. The lunchroom looked and felt like a science fiction movie (Clements 2007: 41). Also, Mrs. Marlow, the fifth grade science teacher because she was a science teacher liked the no talking experiment (Clement 2007: 54). The contest between the girls and boys is going well but it gets too tense so Mrs. Hiatt puts an end to the contest and even though David is happy that she called off the contest he notices that nobody is still talking.

Mrs. Hiatt screams at Dave to answer her with words but he will not do that so she asks him to accompany her to the office and explain what inspired the contest. Dave told Mrs. Hiatt that Gandhi inspired the no talking contest (Clement 2007: 136). The principal was happy with Davids explanation and put many plans to use the contest in different ways in the future. The contest ends in a tie but the kids learn something about themselves and each other.

Works Cited Clements, A. (2007). No Talking New York: Simon and Shuster

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