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Published: 2020-02-25 21:01:42
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The DBMS to be proposed to Bead Bar will focus on point of sale, inventory management, operations and performance monitoring and communication channels. Though a higher complexity DBMS is the most appropriate for the needs of the company, the proposal will take into consideration the need to use less comprehensive DBMS structures to accommodate migration to digitized operations.

Thus, the DBMS for Bread Bar must be able to manage data storage; control access to meet the security and privacy needs of the company and its customers respectively or provide security of data for multiple users; create a resource for data that can be used in the formulation of strategies and policies and allow for the maximization of information and communication resources throughout the organization or transform data; allow the migration from the current operating system to the DBMS proposed system accommodating programming and query language ability and access to data dictionaries supporting the database structure; and and have a standardized database programming and query language system(Malaga, 2005).

Based on the interview done with Bead Bars management reflects that the company needs to be able to develop a database management system (DBMS) that accommodates its operational needs and at the same time will allow it greater insight to its current performance and demands of its markets. The DBMS will then allow for standardized data management and transformation based on a secure multi-user interface with interfaced security based on users function and security clearance. Common language, reference and query systems are to established to facilitate reference and communication not only within the company but with customers as well.

The DBMS to be implemented as a desktop type in each branch or locale of operation which will be assimilated eventually as enterprise level to unify the companys operations(Leaning, 2005).

Similarly, the model to be used for the DBMS for Bread Bar will be developed from relational model which will then be built network model. This gradual development by no means limits the assimilation of the upgrading of the companys operations but is only to recognize the on-going operations of the company and to avoid difficulties in technology migration.


Leaning, Marcus (2005). The modal nature of ICT: Challenging historical. interpretation of the social understanding and. appropriation of ICT. The Journal of Community Informatics, Vol. 2, Issue 1. pp. 35-42 Malaga, Ross A. (2005). Information Systems Technology. New York: Pearson Education.

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