Denzel Washington Introduction Speech Essay

Published: 2019-11-01 04:01:31
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Imagine being born and living in the Bronx, having bad influence all around you, where joining gangs is the only way to progress in life, doing drugs is a ritual. Nobody there to save you if you wanted to get out, surviving by the means of a gun, striving to eat every day. Is there hope for you? If this isnt enough to scare you then how about being sent away from your parents only to come to find out they divorced! Coming back home without a Dad is ther still hope? This Man was saved by his mother, she raised him all by herself, gave him full support, she didnt give up on him and he didnt want to give up on her! After being successful, Denzel Washington saw his old friend doing 25 years in prison, one died from Aids and the other got murdered. This made him realize that he has gone so far to go back to where he was.

He struggled to become better but made it. A man with no hope, found his ambition at an early age and didnt give up on his dream, even through emotional trauma, he didnt give up on his goal. After his parents went through a divorce and Denzel being sent to boarding school, he attained his degree in journalism at Fordham University. Working hard gave him a scholarship to ACT which eventually got him into his role playing position. Although he didnt get recognition until five years, he started to get attention from Hollywood, he worked harder and diligently as time went on, which eventually took him to his pinnacle place at his life, winning the Best Supporting Actor Oscar Nomination and a couple years later he actually won the award!

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