Differences in competencies between BSN and ADN Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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Associates Degree Nurse
ADN was introduced fifty years ago. The need for a new type of nurse was created due to a nursing shortage. The success of early programs attracted students and quickened the growth of associate degree programs. Patients for the ADN are individuals and their families. According to National League for Nursing Competencies for Graduates of Associates Degree Programs are: * Human flourishing- advocate for patients and their families * Nursing judgment- Make judgments in practice substantiated with evidence * Professional identity- implement ones role in ways that reflect integrity, responsibility and ethical practices * Spirit of inquiry- Examine the evidence that underlies clinical nursing practice to challenge the status quo

Baccalaureate Degree Nurse
BSN was initiated in 1909. Baccalaureate nursing programs include all the course work taught in associate degree mentioned above plus a more in-depth study of the physical and social sciences, nursing research, public and community health, nursing management, and the humanities. The additional course work enhances the students professional development, prepares the new nurse for a broader scope of practice, and provides the nurse with a better understanding of the cultural, political, economic, and social issues that affect patients and influence health care delivery. Throughout the last decade, policymakers and practice leaders have recognized that education makes a difference.

I will present a patient care situation describing the approaches of a BSN versus an ADN. An elderly patient is being discharged after outpatient surgery. He lives alone and has met discharge criteria. He has a neighbor (also and elderly gentleman) who will be driving him home. The ADN will review post-op discharge instructions and emphasize to the patient and his neighbor to follow these instructions and that the patient should have someone with him for the next 24 hours.

The BSN will also do the above but will also ask the patient and his neighbor who will be staying with the patient. Upon investigating further no one will be staying with the patient. The BSN will then ask the patient about other family members and or church or community support. The BSN also realizes that she has the option of notifying the surgeon of the patients lack of support and care at home and that he may need to admit this patient overnight for his safety and well being.

In conclusion with all the reading and research that I have done to write this paper I can see how it would benefit the patients and new nurses to have their Baccalaureate Degree. There are many studies showing improved patient outcomes with higher percentages of Baccalaureate Degree nurses on staff. I am certainly for improved patient outcomes. I have seen how nursing has continued to become more and more complex. Nurses need to be ready and able to treat the multidimensional tasks of patient care. As an ADN with 22 years of experience I feel like I have developed the in-depth knowledge of not only treating my patients but to also their families and the communities that they return to. I have maintained my knowledge by getting my certification but I have too many years left to work in nursing so I must continue my education and obtain my Baccalaureate Degree in order to stay current and competitive in this field of Nursing. While I am reluctant I realize that it will improve my patient care abilities and I will be happy about it when I am done.


ANA Periodicals OLJIN table of Contents Volume 7 2002. No 2: May 02Relevance of Associate Degree


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