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Introduction: A digital library is where the information is digitalised and stored in the form of electronic portal that provides access to all kind of database such as bibliographies, full-text resources, catalogues, search engines, internet resources, reference works, E-journals etc. Earlier its only paper based works only available in libraries. However, technologies have overcome the traditional techniques and ways of gathering information from libraries. . Now in present life we have modest facilities which are called a digital library.

Hence, digital library helps students for their learning and saves time instead of spending time to search information from hard copies physically. Since digital libraries are on the internet, there would not be any constraints to retrieve materials and ideas via the network and can easily be find what you are searching for. Furthermore, it is beneficial to use the digitalised scripts rather than books or hard copies because digital library services identify the keyword and the main text we want.

Indeed, it is easy to grasp the bullet points and make our work more effective. 1 Information sources in a digitalised library (DIGITAL LIBRARY): ? E-books: E-books or otherwise called as electronic books are the books that are readily available in digital libraries. In the same way of the normal books, these books are on the internet in Pdf formats or other forms. Mostly some of the books are not available in our country perhaps. In this case digital libraries brought the solutions for this situation instead.

Despite the fact that having a hard copy with you it is easy to have a soft copy as well. Hence, it need not be to carry where ever you go since online library (digital library) provides you the books. It is easy to study using electronic books rather than hard copies in this situation for the students most prominently. ? Learning materials: Internet is the main source of information transfer around the world which consists of vast number of materials that provide evidence for learners include ?

Online Database ? Subject Resources ? Reading List ? Perpetual Titles ? Theses ? i-Repository ? E-Learning Resources ? Student Hand In addition, these learning materials help to research on the topic what the student wants. It would be easy for the students for the academic purpose as well as for their life too. Online resources expand the students skills such as computer skills, research skills and other academic skills also. (Tan Sri Dr. Abdullah Sanusi Digital Library, 2010). 2

There are information that are stored in various formats include: 1- Electronic journals 2- Scientific data sets 3- Cartographic databases 4- Legal database 5- Expert systems 6- Textual data 7- Image collections 8- Newsgroups, list serves and mail archives 9- Indexes and directories 10- Electronic search and display tools And also 1- Discussion list and forums 2- FTP sites 3- General online services 4- Campus-wide information systems 5- Distributed file servers (Gopal, 2001, p. 230-231) 3?

Information in electronic format: The types of electronic information include, bibliographic, text, numeric, graphic and multimedia files. These information is really very important those who do Information Technology in their studies indeed. In fact, statistics information is a wide range to search; it is difficult for the students to use books for the education. In the meantime, the procedure has to change towards the digital library for information retrieval to save time as well. (Heaney, 2009, p. 31) Figure 1.

A book converted to an electronic format PDF (Calibres primary conversion window , 2011) ? Information model: Elements of digital libraries which consist of three classes are elements data which is library materials, Metadata is the information about the library and the process is the information performed over the library. For instance, if these classes are not there in a library, it could be very difficult for the students who search information for retrieval. Searching information is coupled with better service and this is called as a modern digitalised library.

For instance, if there is no well information about the book and as well as the results of searches, it would be a huge constraint for the students to look what they want. (Vijay & J. , 2004, p. 1-2) 4 ? Multimedia: In digital libraries student can access to the class room forums, discussions and could ask questions also. For instance, we could connect to the tutors depending on the library and can get lessons from them too. Digital libraries also contain pictures, video and audio files such as documentaries, podcasts, conferences etc.

Due to interest of digitised multimedia files, the approach towards the digital library has brought attention to recent years because of enhanced of the vital internet network. Besides, a small proportion of space is required for the multimedia since they are stored in the network and the delivery of files is much easier for the students rather than going for physical CDs and so on. (Lakshmipratha et al. p. 1) Figure 2 : Architectural Framework addressing the Performance and Scalability of digital library (Digital library / mutilmedia) 5ÑŽ

Advantages and the information retrieval system in digital library: Since all the information is digitalised, information comes in many flavours and versions. We have hard and soft copies indeed. However, there are copies that have vanished without capturing any images of the books. This happens due to the environmental conditions such as having no safety and the security for the books as well. Hence, to take over this issue, libraries invented to save all the copies in digital. Thus the digital copy of magazines, reference books, journals, text books, and thesis is saved for future generations even if hard copies exist.

This could benefit for university and college students as a research purpose too. It is really easy to find the books from the tip of your finger. (Upadhaya, 2004, p69-73) For the students who are learning can browse the subject terms easily as when they type the main subject to find, it will show the names of the records that digital library has. Besides, this helps when searching information for full text and finding aids as well. One could also say, digital libraries do not need huge areas and much capital for the process. Certainly, no need human resources such as librarian and this save money too.

(Singh, 2004, p. 66-67) Today, over the college and universities students have the impact of good libraries for information retrieval for the academic purposes. The mission of an attractive library programme is to ensure that the learners are effective users of information and ideas. To maximise the information system along the students, libraries provide articles or information material to provide interest for the readers. Also, it could be beneficial to use the digitised library even if you work with someone, for instance to generalise the ideas and so on.

Generally speaking, library provides everything we want for every age and can get the answers for the questions as well. (Kr. Singh, 2004, p. 31-32) 6 Conclusion: To summaries about the digital library, the most approach is towards the resources and the services. As shown on above, digital libraries make students life much easier and make the academic process more effective, efficient and less time consuming on the work. Since books, newspapers, journals, and other forms such as written scripts are converted in to the digital formats in digital libraries.

Thus the students can access whenever they want information about something straight away to the library. For that, the only thing needs to have is internet. Our entire communication has globalised and the material or the information can be retrieved from the digital library internet by searches indeed. Files are saved and they could be stored for life long. 7 Bibliography Tan Sri Dr. Abdullah Sanusi Digital Library. (2010). (Open University Malaysia) Retrieved October 16th, 2011, from www. oum. ed. my: http://iportal. oum. edu. my/cgibin/gw_45_0/chameleon? skin=iportal_elib&lng=en&inst=consortium&host=192.

168. 68. 241 %2b1111%2bDEFAULT&patronhost=192. 168. 68. 241%201111%20DEFAULT&sourcescreen=I NITREQ&scant1=Digital%20libraries%20%20Collection%20development%20 Calibres primary conversion window . (2011, August 02nd). (IBM. com) Retrieved October 17th, 2011, from www. ibm. com: http://www. ibm. com/developerworks/opensource/library/oscalibre/? ca=drsDigital library / mutilmedia. (n. d. ). Retrieved October 17, 2011, from www. ulib. com: http://www. ulib. org/conference/2006/26. pdf Gopal, K. (2001). Intellectual Freedom in Digital Libraries. New Delhi, India: Jawahar Park. Heaney, M. (2009).

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