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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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From its beginnings in the later years of the 1960s, the Dodge Charger has come a long way to become the cars you see everyday. Many changes in the body type, fuel milage, and luxury options has evolved. One of the main reasons that the Dodge Charger body type has changed is because the American culture has changed as well. Now, you dont see Milk Men, or even seeing a Paperboy is rare, so why would it make sense to see a B body type Charger still driving around?

Dodge had to conform with culture, so they evolved the body to become a more rounded fuselage body style, this was so it became more aerodynamic and in doing so could drive faster. In 1969 Dodge created the Daytona Charger. This car was dubbed the aero car this is because it was built for speed and had to cut through the air effortlessly. It was fitted with a 18 nose fitted on, and a 23 rear spoiler www. allpar. com/model/superbird. tml. The Dodge Charger R/T, in 1971 was Dodges 3rd and final Charger muscle car, it has the same fuselage body type as the 1968 Charger but it could go a lot faster, this is because it was a high performance version. On the road today you will see a Charger that looks nothing like its ancestors, it has even taken on a more boxy shape.

The first Chargers of 1965 had a large for the time engine size, it was a 4. L engine, this was quite a bold move for Dodge but was a great success in the end. Years later the Chargers engine didnt go up in size unless you wanted to pay for the high performance package which brought the engine liters up to 5. 2L. In 1971 Dodge decided to go all in and make their R/T come equipped with a 7. 2L engine for those who wanted to go fast, the downside to this R/T was gas prices and insurance cost went up and no one wanted to pay that much so production quickly came to a stop.

On the road today Chargers have a standard edition with a 3. 5L, an R/T edition with a 5. 7L and an SRT edition with a 6. 4L. As expected with each liter you go up, your speed goes up as well, but your gas mileage goes down. As the 70s progressed, the Charger started to fade out. With a raise in gas prices, no one was looking to spend their hard earned money on a muscle car or race package. Soon Chargers were only seen on occasion and in pretty bad condition.

Many thought the Charger was a car that had run its course. But in 2005 Dodge breathed new life into the Charger and blew everyone away with its options, style, and most of all, re-invented body design. The Charger has since then evolved to be like its predecessors with larger engines and door indents for added aerodynamics, but with todays technology to have a greater MPG and built in navigational screen.

From Dodge Chargers humble beginnings in 1965 it has come a long way from its body design changes, from slim to boxy. From big engines and sport packages to gas saving 3. 5L. Also from only having a radio and air conditioner to be fully stocked so the driver has the utmost comfort and luxury. Dodge has revolutionized the Charger and the way muscle cars are built and thought of. Many hope that Dodge only continues its work and can only wonder what they think of next.

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