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Published: 2020-02-15 14:22:12
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One of the international pizza delivery corporations having head quarter in Michigan is known as Dominos Pizza, which was founded in the year 1960. Domino Pizza has gained a marvelous business all over the world including USA, UK and Spain too. Recently, is actively increasing and spreading its business and sale of its products across numerous geographic boundaries. In terms of product growth, Dominos continues to offer new products. Strong growth and profit margins and a relatively good competitive position make Dominos Pizza a tasty investment choice. Its shares are not cheap, but they still offer a good value and an opportunity to participate in Dominos profitable growth.

The company has 22% of the domestic market for pizza delivery, 52%+ of its revenues coming from overseas, a well accepted brand, efficient supply chain distribution, and new product offerings. All this should help Dominos Pizza weather any inflationary or economic headwinds relatively well. I recommend investors to consider buying Dominos shares. In support of their investment, to celebrate Columbus Day, or just to satisfy their appetite for pizza, investors should also download Dominos app to their smart phones and try one (or more) of Dominos pies.

Research questions

* What demographic factors are currently influencing Domino Pizza entering the marketplace in community?

The research strategy

The research strategy utilized for this study occupies empirical investigation of a particular real life context through primary and secondary sources of evidence. With regard to the aims and objectives of the research, it was significant to acquire detail and deep study of the context and the processes performed in it. In the light of these components quantitative research methodology has been employed.

Sample selection

The non-probability or judgemental sampling technique (Saunders, 2007) is used for the sample selection. This technique assists in generalizing the findings. Additionally, it also assists in selecting the sample purposively. (Saunders, 2007 p.235) The direct administration of the questionnaire was impossible to around 100 students, therefore email addresses were searched and questionnaire were emailed to the students who live in London.


To explore and understand the demographic of the community where the Domino Pizza outlet to be opened questionnaire was used along with covering email that elucidates the purpose of the research study assist in ensuring the high response rate (Saunders, 2007) suggests use of covering email, which explains the purpose of the study. In the introductory part of the questionnaire, the aim of the study was identified. The category ranking and lit type closed questions (Saunders, 2007 p.368) were designed to collect quantitative data. Pilot testing of the questionnaire, as suggested by Saunders, (2007) was utilized to collect data; therefore, before sending the questionnaire to a larger population, it was sent to few individuals to check the clarity of the questionnaire.

Features of Product:

A feature of a product permits a certain function which in turn leads to a benefit and is considered a value addition to a particular product. The importance of features of a product cannot be ignored, because of this, users were asked about features of the product. The chi-square value was 32.766 with P-value of 0.049, which shows a highly significant value.

Being Old Customer

Viewed from term customers shows that respondents who had long been a customer in 2-4 years as many as 48 people or about 48%. Respondents who had long been a customer less than 2 years as many as 26 people or about 26%. Respondents who had long been a customer 5-6 years as many as 16 people or about 16%. Respondents who had long been a customer 7-8 years as many as 6 people or about 6%. And respondents who had long been a customer for more than 8 years yatu as many as 4 people or about 4%. Tabel 4.8: Characteristic Based on Being Old Customer

Test Reliability

According Supranto (2001: 45) the reliability test is a test to measure whether reliable data can be used in processing the data in this study, using the coefficient alpha cronbach. If the value of coefficient alpha cronbach> 0.60 then the data can be declared reliable or powerful.

Normality Test

Normality test used to determine what statistical test used in a study whether to use parametric tests or non-parametric test. Normal or not a data can be seen from the analysis generated in the test> 0.05. The test is using Kolmogorov Smirnov Test, the test criteria: 1. If the data are spread around the diagonal line and follow the direction of the diagonal line, then the regression model to meet the assumption of normality. 2. If the data are spread far from the diagonal line, the regression model did not meet the assumption of normality.

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